Valentine’s Day: From a Single’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day can be the hardest time of the year if you are single. It seems that everyone around you has someone to be with and you are the only one who is doomed to spend eternity alone.
Believe me, as a single woman I know how it feels. Especially when you used to be in a relationship and even now you’re still somewhat getting used to not being in one.

It can be easy to sit around and mope with a gallon of ice cream while sobbing over your favorite chick flick, but that’s not good for you. It’s not good for me. So this year, I want to propose 5 ways we can make this one of the best Valentine’s Day we’ve ever had being single!

 1.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples!

Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be about just romantic love? Celebrate Valentine’s Day by telling your friends how much you care about them, so whip out those Star Wars valentines and give them to your friends!

2. Be happy for your friends who are in relationships
And I don’t mean “grin and bear it” I mean genuinely be happy for them. Ask them what they’re going to be doing. This is possibly an important weekend for them. Make them feel special and happy that you care!

3. Hang out with your single friends
Instead of moping by yourself, invite your other single friends who aren’t doing anything and hang out! Go out for dinner, watch a movie, or play games!

4. Don’t do anything stupid!
Don’t be that person who sees another single person and then wakes up the next morning with your best friend next to you…just don’t do anything you’ll regret.

5. Embrace being single
Now, as your reading this, please don’t see me as someone above you looking down and shaming you. No! These are all things I struggle with myself. We can be so focused on finding someone that we can lose the some of the great aspects of being single. We are free to do what we want or need to do. 
For example I am available to help out with more things, like volunteer for church events, community service, or even just babysitting a friend’s kids. Another example, I could go and write novels in my room for an entire month without any interaction with humankind. 😉

Now please don’t read this as a we should all be single forever, because I certainly want to find someone and hold the hands of the man I love. But perhaps in this time right now we can take the time devote time to our passions and really get to know who we are as human beings. We can mature and grow.

Perhaps with a little sunshine and water, we’ll all be even better partners than we could have ever been than if we were to date someone right now. So give it time, maybe we don’t need to find someone right now. I don’t know about you but I’m going to go and work on my music and YouTube channel, what are you going to do?