Sorry for the wait!

So I am terribly sorry about the wait. I’ve been busy with some stuff at work and I was also doing some extra research for this week’s topic. So instead, I am posting up what I did last Tuesday. There was an article I found on Facebook and I reacted to it and wrote this on Facebook.

ME: I am a teenage girl and I definitely feel this. We need to stop putting all the blame on women and what they wear. While there should be some restraints, such perhaps not wearing bikinis or that dress with the low neckline, we should be free to decide what we want to wear.

It is not the responsibility of women to make sure that any man who looks at her is not drawn into lust. We should be considerate of our brothers in the lord, however it not our responsibility.

When we wear beautiful clothing it should be for the glory of God. It should be because we want to look beautiful before him. Not because we are afraid of ourselves

This is the link to the article.

Here is the response I got. The name shall remain anonymous, however I will say it is someone I know who was trying to challenge me.

FRIEND:  Ok, but where do you get the parameters for the restraints? You suggest “no bikinis and no low-cut dresses”. Why? I have further thoughts but I want to see how you respond to my question first  😛

ME:  I admit my comment on parameters was vague. I guess I would say that it’s not how much skin you show, but the attitude in which you wear it and the message your clothing is sending.

For example, let’s say I was wearing the sundress shown in this article. The dress suggests a hipster style while also keeping cool in the summer. I wouldn’t say that the dress is provocative. It may reveal the shoulders and the upper half of her back, but the attitude is not provocative.

Whereas, a black dress with a low neckline is provocative, giving the viewer a teasing peek at what might follow. The attitude there is about being sexy.

Now, please do not assume that there should never be a reason to look sexy. When you are with your husband or fiance, there is a place for that. The issue is when women wear these clothes outside of these contexts for the sole purpose of being sexy to everyone.

Sometimes these women do it because they are lonely and want to feel loved. Sometimes women do it because they love the power that it gives them. Others simply don’t understand.

I hope that gives you an answer and some insight to my concerns.

FRIEND:  Ok, so I had further thoughts but they all boil down to- perhaps this is a more nuanced issue than people give it credit for. And by people I mean people on both ends of the pendulum swing. So all I as poking at you for was a bit of nuance. That’s all 🙂 Love you!

ME: Not at all. It made me think about what I meant.

I hope that will hold you over to when I finally finish my next blog post. Hang in there!


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