Liars and Thieves: Chapter 9 (Robin)

Robin walked home from Blondie’s house deep in thought. He couldn’t believe that Blondie told Gwen everything. Oddly he felt somewhat proud of him.

Blondie’s question from breakfast then echoed in his mind. “Don’t you feel guilty taking from others?”  He shook his head. “You don’t understand.” He muttered to himself.

Robin walked home, looked in his mailbox and pulled out his money for the week. Robin went inside and grabbed his grocery list he had made the previous day then got into his rusty car and drove off to the store.

Robin pulled out a cart and went to get the things on his list.  Suddenly while Robin was looking at his list and pushing his cart forward, he bumped into someone. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Robin apologized. He looked up and was stunned into silence

There standing across from him was a man who was dressed like a lawyer. The man looked up and frowned at him for a moment then a huge smile broke across his face. “Robin! Hey, long time no see!” The man cried out happily.

Robin smiled nervously. “Yes, long time so see Josh.” Robin replied.

Josh came over and shook his hand. “Hey! What have you been doing? I haven’t seen you since you dropped out of collage.”

“Er, yes. Collage, right.” Robin looked awkwardly to the side.

“So, what are you doing? Are you married? Do you have kids?” Josh asked eagerly.

Robin smiled. “No, I’m not married. I actually live in the Sherwood Government Housing District.”

“Oh,  do you like it there?” Josh asked looking somewhat concerned.

Robin nodded. “Yes I do. There’s a lot of community spirit.”

“I wish that my neighborhood was like that.” Josh sighed. “Where I live, people go out into their cars and leave. They never say a word to each other. We don’t even have sidewalk where we live, because no one is there to use them.”

“Where do you work?” Josh asked.

“Actually I don’t have a job. I’ve tried to get one, but no one will hire me.” Robin replied honestly.

“Wow, that is rough.” Josh said. “Hey, if you ever need a dinner or some company, call me. My wife would be delighted to cook up something.” Josh handed Robin a business card.

Josh started to walk away, but then he turned back. “Robin, why did you drop out of collage? I never heard why.”

Robin smiled. “It was the food.”

Josh nodded. “The food did suck.” He laughed.  “Alright, I’ve got to go. See you around.”

Robin finished his shopping, went home, got changed and drove out again. Today he was going to an interview. The employment agency had sent him to a place called Hansel and Gretel, a frozen yogurt restaurant.

The outside looked fine. The sign had Hansel and Gretel sitting together eating frozen yogurt. The building was white with a large windows. Robin took a deep breath then opened the door.

Robin stepped in, suddenly he was overwhelmed by the screams of little sugar crazed children running back and forth all over the restaurant.  Robin looked out across the restaurant and saw little children pouring frozen yogurt into containers, others stuffing their faces with candy.

He looked over at the cashier who smiled shakily. “Excuse me.” He yelled over all the screaming children, who were being chased by their frazzled mothers. “I’m here for an interview.”

The cashier pointed to the back and burst into tears. Robin thanked the cashier. He walked to the back office and knocked on the door. The door opened and there was a woman, her eyes were blood shot, and her hair every which way.

“Are you here for the interview? Please say you are!” She cried desperately. Robin nodded absolutely speechless. The woman dragged him in. “Oh thank goodness, those children have been driving me crazy and the parents have been sending in tons of complaints. I’m Margret by the way.”

“My name is Robin, here is my application” Robin replied.

Margret looked at his application. Looked at Robin, then looked at the application. “You’re hired.” She said.

Robin was surprised. “Why thank you.”

“But under one condition. Listen, right now this place is complete hell. If something isn’t done about it this branch will be closed down. I need you to bring this place’s reputation up before everyone here loses their jobs. Got it?” Margret said.

Robin nodded. “Understood.”

“Your shift is from 3-7, which is closing time, Monday through Friday. The children will come in and pile tons of candy on their yogurts. They know you can’t take it off and waste money. So their parents have to pay ten to twenty bucks for the yogurt, then the children go crazy run all over the place. You understand what you’re up against?”
Margret asked looking at Robin. Robin nodded. “You can do anything you want, just so long as you get the reputation of this place off the ground.”

Robin nodded again. “I can make your business a nice and calm place.”

Margret smiled and shook Robin’s. “It’s a deal then, good luck.” She said. “You start next week.”

Robin walked out so excited he could barely contain himself. He did it, he got a job! Once he was outside, he jumped up and down in the air. Then he calmed down and went home.

Robin’s good mood followed all the way home and was about to go inside. “Robin! Robin! Help us! We need your help!” Robin turned and saw Alice running towards him trembling and in tears.

“What is it?” Robin asked urgently.

“It’s my Papa. He’s fighting a code enforcement man. He’s calling the police! They’re going to take my papa away!” Alice cried tears streaming down her face.

Robin took Alice’s hand and ran down to the next street in the neighborhood. There he was, Alice’s father was yelling and throwing a code enforcement man against his car.

“Jake! Stop!” Robin yelled running towards Jake.

Jake didn’t stop, he continued to yell and hit the man. Soon there were police cars rounding the corner. Robin pursed his lips and ran up to Jake and began to pull him away from the injured man. “Let me go!” Jake yelled.

Robin struggled to pull Jake farther away from the man, but Jake fought against him.

The cops got out of the car. “Put your hands into the air!” The cops yelled.

“Never you son of a bitch!” Jake cussed.

“Jake!” Robin said still holding him back. “Put your damn hands in the air.”

“Never!” Jake yelled, then he broke loose and charged the cops.

“No! Jake!” Robin yelled. He watched as Jake ran forward yelling like a madman.

Then as if in slow motion Robin watched the cops pull the triggers. Bang! Jake clutched his chest. Bang! Jake fell down to his knees.

“Don’t shoot!” Robin cried. “Don’t shoot!” Robin ran forward. He jumped in front of Jake crying. “Don’t shoot!” Bang! Robin clutched his chest and then slumped over.


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