Liars and Thieves: Chapter 7 (Robin)

Robin ran out the door leaving Arthur behind and headed after the jogging Marian. “Marian!” He called out once he was within hearing distance.
Marian slowed to a stop and looked for the source that spoke her name. Robin caught up to her. “Marian.” Robin panted.
“Oh, Robin. How are you?” Marian smiled.
Robin smiled back. “Marian, listen I need to ask you something.”
“Yes?” She said.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go coffee sometime. Maybe tonight or next week?” Robin watched Marian anxiously. He saw her put her weight on one leg with her arms folded.
“Sure. How about now?” Marian replied.
“What? Now?”
“Sure why not? Come on follow me.” Marian said before jogging in the direction of The Cafe.
Robin and Marian jogged to The Cafe.
Robin sat down while Marian collapsed into her seat. She grinned at him through her sweaty face.
“So, do you jog a lot?” Robin asked trying to spark some conversation.
Marian laughed. “What tipped you off?” She said jokingly. “Yes, I jog on a regular basis. Do you have any activities you like to do?” Marian was clearly trying to help keep the conversation going.
“When I was younger I took martial arts for five years.” Robin said.
“Cool.” Marian replied.
Silence followed. Marian sipped her tea and glanced around the cafe. Robin looked at his watch and began to whistle.
“So, uh how did you end up here?” Robin asked.
Marian snatched the subject as if it were a rescue rope thrown to her. “Got laid off of my job. I couldn’t find another one. I lived in an apartment on the other side of town, but eventually I got kicked out because I couldn’t pay rent. I’ve been looking for a job, but no one will hire me,” Marian sighed, “because I live here.”
Robin frowned. “That’s not right. No one should not hire anyone just because they don’t live in the right place. Maybe that’s the only damn place that person can afford-” Robin stopped. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled.”
Marian shook her head. “Oh no, you’re absolutely right. No one should be judged where they live. That’s bullshit.”
Robin smiled and Marian gave him a crooked smile back and in that moment, Robin knew she was the one.
“Do you have family that can help you?” Robin asked.
“Not around here. It’s really hard to get in touch with them. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them. If they heard what’s been going on they would have rushed out here to help me.” Marian smiled. “My family’s nice like that.”
Robin looked at Marian, she sipped more tea then looked out the window. “When I was young my dad and I would look in our telescope and look for the stars and planets.” Marian smiled and shook her head. “I was obsessed with the planets. I read so much about them it would make your head burst. I dreamed about being an astronaut.” Marian smiled with a mist of the past in her eyes. Then she turned to Robin. “What was your childhood like?” She asked.
Now Robin looked out the window. “It was hard, my father was stern, and a lot was expected of me. But it wasn’t until I got here, I realized how hard it was.”
The next day Robin got up and went to the homeless shelter. His money was almost gone, he had been looking and looking for a job but couldn’t find any that would call him back.
Robin stood in line waiting for his food. Suddenly he remembered that Blondie worked here. Robin looked up and saw that he face to face with Blondie.
“Hi,” Blondie said.
“I would like some bacon please.” Robin said.
Blondie gave him some bacon. “Did it go well with that girl…Marian?” He asked.
“Yes it did.” Robin said then he went to sit down.
He heard Blondie run after him. “What happened?” Blondie asked.
Robin took a bite of bacon. “Well someone’s Mr. Chatty.” He replied. He looked up at Blondie who was sitting across from him looking at him expectantly. Robin sighed. “Fine, you win. It went well. We went to The Cafe and had coffee and talked for a while. You happy now?” Robin shook his head and took another bite of bacon.
“My mom asked where you were.” Blondie said.
“So?” Robin replied with his mouth full.
“So? She wants to meet you again. She thought that you were intriguing and a good friend of mine.”
Robin raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying that we are friends?”
Blondie seemed a little frightened. “No, of course not! But she thinks so.”
Robin sighed. “You want me to come meet her?”
Robin watched Blondie nodding vigorously. “Please? She’ll bug me until you come.”
Robin smirked. “Maybe I’ll just let her bug you for a while.”
“What? No, no!” Blondie cried. “Please! You have to come with me!”
Robin stood and cleared his platter, then he turned to Blondie. “You don’t get it. I don’t ever want to be apart of society. Not the place you call society.”
“Well then, what am I supposed to tell her?” Blondie asked.
Robin put his hand on Blondie’s shoulder. “Tell her that we broke up, and we don’t want to see each others faces again.” He replied with some sarcasm.
That night Robin and his friends were in his kitchen. “Alright, tonight we are going to the Jackson’s house.” Robin said. “Much, you have some research on them?”
Much nodded. “The Jackson’s are a family that I know quite a bit about. They have three children, two daughters and one son. They also have a dog, the dog is kind of big and may pose a threat. They have lasers in their yard at night and coded doors. The best way to get in would be by a window.”
Robin nodded. “Okay. We are going to sneak in and get out as quickly as possible.”
“Hang on.” Much said. “I need to go over the children. They are especially important. The eldest is a teenage daughter who is 16 and stays up late into the night talking on the phone with her various society friends, the second is the son. He is a nightmare. The mother is often run over by her son who is extremely rowdy, and finally the youngest she is a crier. She will not stop crying until she gets what she wants. So be extremely careful when we go in.” Much said.
That night Robin and his men headed out to Avalon. They came up to the Jackson’s house, the lights were on upstairs and music was blaring out of the house. Robin looked at Much who shrugged. Robin smirked. A challenge.
Robin flew through the air doing back flips, somersaults and even walking on two hands. He got to the porch and turned back. His friends carefully slid through, till they all met at the porch. They came to a window and carefully slid it open. The owners of this house must have thought that no one would be able to get past the lasers.
Robin quietly climbed inside. He looked around and saw valuable things. Quietly he placed valuables in his bag. Suddenly Robin froze, he heard foot steps. Robin gestured to his men to all hide. The light switched on the teenage daughter was downstairs she looked out the window as if waiting for someone.
“Oh, I almost forgot. The lasers, he won’t be able to come if the lasers are on.” The girl ran somewhere in the kitchen and pushed some buttons.
Robin heard, with great relief, the lasers shutting off. “It’ll be easy to get out.” Robin thought.
Robin peered around the wall. The teenage girl was busy looking out the back window. Robin gestured to his friends to get out. Slowly one by one they snuck out the window. Robin was on his way out the window.
Suddenly he heard a voice. “George? Is that you?” Robin fell out the window and ducked under the porch. He waited a minute. “Hmm, must have been my imagination.” The girl said. Robin clambered to his feet and met his friends at the gate.
“We did it! Another job done, another family safe for three months.” Much said happily.
“Let’s go home and get some sleep, I’m tired.” Will yawned.
Robin smiled. “Yes, let’s go home.”

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