Liars and Thieves: Chapter 5 (Robin)

Robin walked out of Arthur’s house with two feelings, anger, and some satisfaction. He was angry because someone followed him to his house and now this man could hold it over him. He was satisfied because in a small way he gained a little revenge, not enough to satisfy what Blonde had done to him.
Robin walked down the street, suddenly he heard a door slam. He turned and saw Blonde rushing down next door and knock on the door. The door opened and there stood a beautiful woman. “Not a beautiful as Marian.” Robin thought. He watched Blonde and the woman get into Blonde’s car and drive away.
Robin walked back to Sherwood. He was walking down his street to his house when he heard a shriek.
Robin’s head darted around for the sound, at the end of the street was a man who grabbed a woman’s bag and took off with it.
“Help me! Somebody please help! I have children to feed.” The woman cried. Without a second thought, Robin bolted down the street after the man. The thief saw that Robin was following and ran down a alleyway. Robin bolted down the alleyway, he looked around for the man, but he was hiding.
Robin knew he needed to be light on his feet and be careful, the thief could be anywhere.
Robin walked down the alleyway listening and watching for any sound or movement that might give the thief away. Then out of the corner of his eye Robin saw a shadow move. Robin pounced and found the man hiding behind a group of trash cans. “Ha! I found you! Now give back the woman’s purse!” Robin said.
The thief panicked, grabbed a trash can lid and hit Robin with it. Robin surprised by the attack stumbled back giving the thief the opportunity to hit Robin over the head. Robin collapsed onto the ground, his last sight was the thief running off with the woman purse.
When Robin woke it was night and he was lying in his bed. Will, who was smoking a pipe, sat on a chair next to him. Robin groaned.
“He’s awake!” Will said loudly.
Allen, John, and Much burst in. “Oh thank goodness. How are you feeling? We found you lying unconscious in the alley.” Much said looking very relived.
Robin slowly sat up. “I feel like I’ve been driven over by a steam shovel.”
“What happened?” Allen asked.
“A woman was being robbed of her bag, I went to chase the villain down, but he went into a alleyway, he caught me off guard when he swung a trash can lid at me, and then he hit me on the head. We need to find her and help her.” Robin said starting to get up. When Robin got up his head started to spin and give him a headache.
“You aren’t doing anything.” John said.
“Not until you are completely better.” Much finished.
“Yeah, you just got hit in the head with a trash can, you need some rest.” Will agreed chuckling slightly before putting his pipe back in his mouth.
Robin looked at Allen who nodded. Robin sighed and lay back down. “Fine, I’ll take it easy.” His friends thanked him.
“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this.” Much said. “Why don’t you sleep for a while and tomorrow maybe get a coffee down at The Cafe.”
Robin sighed again. “Alright.” He said. Robin fell asleep when he woke up the next day, it was late afternoon.
“I think I’ll take Much’s advice and go get a coffee.” He thought. Robin went back to his room and pulled out a jar from under his bed. It was filled with coins; pennies, nickels, quarters. It was change that Robin placed in this jar for guilty pleasures, such as a tasty chocolatey mocha.
Robin went to The Cafe. Robin went to the counter. The waitress came up. “What can I get you Honey?” She said, then she looked up at him. “Oh, hello sweetheart, you were here for an interview a few days ago right? What would you like? A coffee?”
“Yes please, I would like your Death by Chocolate Mocha please.” Robin handed her the cash.
The waitress smiled, then in a quiet voice she said. “You know for a thief you seem pretty nice and polite.” The waitress turned and made Robin his mocha.
Robin took the mocha and sat down at a table. Just as soon as he sat down, the door opened, and Robin never thought he’d find him here, it was Blonde. Robin smirked. He watched Blonde get a coffee, as Blonde passed by Robin spoke. “Hey Blonde.”
Out of the corner of his eye he saw Blonde’s eyes widen and he picked up his pace to leave the cafe as soon as possible. Robin followed him out of the cafe.
Blonde ran to his car, jumped in and tried started it up, but it stalled. Robin chuckled and took this time to hurry back to his house and grab his car. Robin got into his car and drove back to the cafe. Blonde finally got the car running and began to drive away, looking relieved that Robin was supposedly gone.
Robin followed Blonde to a fancy grocery store called The Refreshment Market. Blonde got out of his car, and walked to the store. Robin sinisterly parked his car next to Blonde’s. Robin got out and followed Blonde.
Suddenly Blonde turned around. “What are you doing here?” He demanded.
“Following you.” Robin replied.
“Why? You already know where I live.”
“Oh, it’s more for revenge.” Robin smirked.
Blonde sighed exasperatedly and continued on inside. Robin walked in after him. He walked up beside Blonde. “So, is this were you go shopping often?”
“Stay away from me.” Blonde muttered angrily.
Robin turned and saw some apples. “Ooh, these look nice and shiny, maybe I should eat them.” Robin raised the apple to his mouth, then Blonde swiped it.
Oh no you don’t Snow White.” Blonde replied. Then he went to the vegetables and began looking at the lettuce. Eventually he picked a head, placed it in a bag and put it in the cart.
Robin followed Blonde, till they got to a coffee sample. “Oh, this looks tasty. Coffee.” Robin poured himself a cup and began to sip it. “What kind of coffee is it?” Robin looked at the bag. He looked at Blonde. “Well what do you know, it’s Blondie coffee.” He laughed.
Suddenly Blonde froze. Robin looked and saw some collage age looking men coming towards Blonde.
“Hey!” They cried. Blonde’s face went pale.
“How are you man?” One of them said to Blondie.
“Hi Brad, how are you?” Blonde choked.
“Hey, who’s this? Friend of yours?” Brad asked gesturing to Robin.
“Wha-?” Blonde began.
Robin jumped up and gave Blonde a side hug. “Oh, yes the best of friends.” He grinned.
Blonde grinned as well. “Ah yes, good friends.”
Then he muttered to Robin. “I hate you, you know that.”
“Well, I guess we have at least one thing in common, Blonde.” Robin muttered back before grinning at Brad and his friends.
“My name’s not Blonde.” Blonde muttered
“Are you ready for your parent’s banquet tonight? It’s supposed to be amazing, it’s for some charity thing.”
This caught Robin by surprise. Before Blonde or Robin could answer Brad continued. “Great! I’ll see you both there! Come on guys lets go.”
As soon as they were gone, Blonde threw Robin’s arm off of him. “Get off of me. Do you know what you just did?”
And for the first time Robin and Blonde agreed on something other than their hatred for each other. “I just got us into a ton of trouble.” Robin said.
“Do you even know what a charity banquet is? No of course you don’t. Do you have any suits in your house? Maybe some you stole?” Blonde ranted.
Robin got heated up. “I don’t steal for self-gain!” He replied hotly.
Blondie raised his hands in exasperation. “Come with me.” Blondie led Robin to the parking lot and to his car.
“Get in.” Blondie said.
“Wha- why?” Robin was surprised and confused.
“We need to get to my place as soon as possible. We need to clean you up.” Blondie said getting into his car.
Robin shrugged and got into Blondie’s car. “Sure whatever you say, Blondie.”
“For your information, my name is Arthur.” Arthur replied hotly getting into the car.
“I don’t care if your name is Mackerel, I’m calling you Blondie.” Robin replied.
Arthur started the car and drove off. They sat in silence. Robin looked around. The car was very nice. He ran his fingers over the window buttons. He hadn’t seen a car like this ever since-
“What kind of windows do you have in your car?” Arthur asked trying to start conversation.
“Crank downs.”
“What year?”
“A 99′, I’ve had her for three years.”
Robin saw Arthur nodded out of the corner of his eye. “Cool.”
“For someone rich, you seem to enjoy working with poor, disgusting people like me.” Robin spoke.
He glanced at Arthur.
“I wouldn’t say they are disgusting.” Arthur said. “They just don’t have immediate access to a shower. And yes, I do enjoy working with the poor.” Then the conversation ended.
They pulled into the driveway. “Okay, now we need to get inside without being seen.” Arthur said.
Robin got out and walked to the door, not caring if anyone saw him walk into Arthur’s house. Arthur came up to the door, unlocked it quickly and jumped inside.
“Alright, now you go upstairs and take a bath, I will get some suits for you to try on.” Arthur said.
“Why are we going through with this? Why can’t we just say that I got sick.” Robin asked.
“Because they will inquire of where you live, so they can pay you a sick visit. Believe me, whenever I got sick and I told someone I was getting people visiting me all week.” Arthur replied.
Robin nodded. “Okay, that’s reasonable.”
Robin walked up stairs to the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out Arthur had laid out five suits.”You need to try each one on to see how they fit.” Arthur said. Robin sighed. “Listen,” Arthur said, “this is going to save both our hides. If they find out the truth, you will be arrested and my family name will be tarnished.”
Robin grabbed a suit and went to try it on. They tried each one on till they settled the fourth suit, a black suit with a red tie. Arthur combed Robin’s hair to the side.
“Alright,” Arthur said, “now you need to know the proper etiquette when talking to a wealthy man. You hold your hand out tilted down, palm face up, make sure that they feel like they have the power.”
Robin nodded. Arthur continued talking about this and that, what to do in this situation, and that situation. Robin dazed off and thought about Marian. “I should talk to her sometime.” Robin thought. “Actually introduce myself.” He sighed. “I could stare into her eyes all day.”
“Are you listening to me?” Robin snapped back to reality. Arthur was staring at him.
“Oh, yes, yes, please continue explaining your difficult lifestyle.” Robin waved his hand. Arthur continued until it was time for them to go.
They walked over to Arthur’s parent’s house. “Don’t embarrass me.” Arthur whispered, then he smiled when he saw the Handlers.
Robin sighed and rolled his eyes. Robin hovered and watched Arthur talk to various different people. “So, Arthur how has golfing been?” Robin turned and saw Arthur speaking to an old woman.
“Well, very well.” Arthur replied.
The old lady left and Brad came up to Arthur. “Hey are you available tomorrow night?”
Robin watched Arthur, he panicked, Arthur’s face turned white and he stuttered. “No, I have-uh work. I work late that night.”
Robin frowned. “He doesn’t own any golf clubs, why is he so jumpy?” Robin thought.
Then the bell rang for dinner. Robin and Arthur sat next to each other. “Damn it, we didn’t go through silverware.” Arthur muttered to Robin.
Robin sat down and a salad was given to him. Robin waited. Once Mr. Pendragon took a bite, Robin picked up a salad fork and ate his salad. Soon champagne came, Robin lifted up his Champagne glass and asked the waiter to pour him some champagne.
Robin took a sip and looked a Arthur who stared at him wide-eyed. “Close your mouth Blondie before a fly flies in.” Robin said and he continued to eat with ease.
Robin turned and saw Mrs. Pendragon sitting across from him. “What charity are you giving to?” He inquired.
“Oh, we are giving to only the best of charities, not every charity deserves our money.” Mrs. Pendragon said. “In fact that reminds me of when Arthur was younger, when he was fifteen he wanted to volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, can you believe that? He wanted to work downtown with all the stinky, thieving people.” At this Mrs. Pendragon shuddered. Robin smiled, but clenched his fists underneath the table. Mrs. Pendragon continued. “We said of course not, we don’t want to be associated with that, the Pendragons have always been aloof from dirty work, that was the end of that.”
Robin nodded and smiled, but inside he was burning up. It was the job of the rich to help take care of the poor, this “charity ball” was only a loophole to keep their money.
When the Charity Ball was over and Arthur and Robin headed home. Robin was glad to get out that mansion full of arrogant, selfish snobs. “Hey, hey! Wait up!” Robin turned around to see Arthur running to catch up to him. “How did you know how to do all of that?”
“Do what?” Robin replied slightly irritated.
Arthur was to amazed to notice. “Which fork to use for this or that dish. And you knew the etiquette of eating.”
Robin continued on. He heard Arthur cry out behind him. “Please tell me I am impressed.”
Robin spun around. “Why? Because I am poor, you automatically think that I have had no experience with fancier eating?” Robin was angry, very angry.
“Well yes, most people who aren’t rich haven’t had experience with fancier eating.” Arthur replied looking very put out.
“Well, maybe I learned how to. Maybe I read a book.” Robin replied hotly.
“Was it a book you stole, Thief?” Arthur shot back.
Now Robin was offended. “Thief? What about you liar? At least I’m honest about stealing. You lie to your friends and family that you work in a homeless shelter!”
With that Robin and Arthur angrily parted ways. Robin stomped off and went back to Sherwood. When he got his house he slammed his door and collapsed onto his bed and lay there for hours angrily pondering what had happened that evening.


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