Liars and Thieves: Chapter 4 (Arthur)

Arthur groaned and sat up in bed. After sighing and rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he looked at his clock. Arthur gasped and jumped out of bed. Today was Sunday and his parents were expecting him for Sunday Brunch.
Arthur scrambled around his room to get ready, he quickly showered, dressed and hastily combed his hair down. He looked at his reflection in the mirror wondering what he should do about his bruises. But after looking at his watch Arthur ran downstairs and out the door.
Arthur’s parents lived two doors down from him in a large mansion. Arthur walked up the steps to the porch and rang the door bell. A few moments later the door was answered by the Butler. Arthur stepped into and nodded to the butler.
The room Arthur was in was like a ball room. The walls were a royal red with white borders, the floor was a white marble and around the room were white columns making the room feel like a large atrium. In the center of the room was a fountain, when Arthur was young sometimes he played in the fountain like it was a small pool. Just behind the fountain was a grand staircase leading majestically to the second floor. Arthur looked up and saw a large, elaborate crystal chandelier, that shone its light across the first and second floors. It was here that Arthur’s parents usually entertained their party guests.

Arthur walked to the Dining Room where his parents were. The dining room, as well may be expected, was also large and grand. There was a long rectangular table made of a slightly reddish mahogany, and another, though not quite as elaborate, crystal chandelier hanging above it.

“Ah! There’s my Sweetums!” Arthur found him self engulfed in a tight hug. “I’m so happy you could make it today.” Mrs. Pendragon, exclaimed.
Arthur hugged his mother back. “Hi Mom.” Arthur replied.
A man in a fancy suit came up and slapped Arthur on the back. “Hey sport! How are you doing? How’s work been?” Mr. Pendragon asked smiling.
Arthur smiled back. “Good, I took a look at our profit charts, our sales went up about ten percent.” As soon as he said that, Arthur remembered the man named Robin. He had demanded ten percent of his money. Arthur frowned. “Why ten percent? Why not everything?” Arthur thought.
“What’s the matter Jellybuns?” Arthur’s Mother asked. Arthur snapped back to reality.
“Nothing, Mother. Just thinking. Hey what’s for breakfast?” He asked changing the subject.
“All your favorites!” Mrs. Pendragon said happily gesturing to the table. “Doughnuts, cinnamon buns, eggs, coffee, and… Raisin Bran.” Arthur’s mother wasn’t the biggest fan of Raisin Bran.
Arthur sat down and began to eat a bowl of Raisin Bran. “Sales went up ten percent? That’s impressive.” Mr. Pendragon said.
“Your product was a success. We could have some potential buyers.” Arthur replied.
Suddenly Mrs. Pendragon shrieked. Arthur and his father looked at her. Mrs. Pendragon was running over to Arthur. “Oh my goodness, what happened to you? You have bandages and bruises all over you!”
“Oh, it’s alright Mom. I just had a fight in a pub, Friday night.” Arthur said trying to dismiss the problem.
Mrs. Pendragon began to kiss all his band-aids as if he were a six year old. “Mom, Mom!” Arthur exclaimed. “Please stop.” Mrs. Pendragon sighed, patted Arthur’s head, then sat down.
Arthur looked at his watch, it was eleven thirty. He needed to go down to the shelter at twelve. He had to figure out an excuse to leave. “Hey, listen I have to go-“
“So soon?” Mr. Pendragon asked.
“But it’s not even noon yet.” Mrs. Pendragon said sadly.

“Yes, I know, I have to go and do a little extra work from accounting.” Arthur said. Arthur stood and left.

When Arthur arrived at the Shelter, lunch was just starting. Arthur put on an apron and began to serve mashed potatoes.
“Hope you enjoy your food Jack and you’ll do great at that interview!.” Arthur said encouragingly to a man as he scooped a pile of mashed potatoes on his plate.
Jack smiled back. “Thank you Arthur, you always know how to be encouraging.”
“You’re welcome.” Arthur said. Jack moved on and Arthur turned around to start another pot of coffee.
“Can I please have some of the mashed potatoes?” A voice asked. Arthur froze, he knew that voice. He whipped around and there he was, Robin, the man who broke into his house a few days ago.
Arthur’s eyes widened with shock, as did Robin’s. “It’s you!” Arthur exclaimed.
Robin dropped his tray and began to run. Arthur ran out after him. “Come back here you!” He exclaimed angrily.
Arthur ran after Robin. He watched slightly impressed as Robin jumped over the hood over a car, the driver stopping in shock, trying to figure out what had just happened.
Arthur ran even faster, and was soon gaining on Robin. Arthur saw Robin look back and see Arthur catching up to him. Arthur reached out and grabbed Robin by the arm. To Arthur’s surprise Robin broke out of Arthur’s arm lock.
Suddenly Arthur found himself on the sidewalk. Arthur got up stood there panting.
“How do you keep catching up to me?” Robin asked out of breath.
“Three year winner of The 50k Marathon. How do you keep beating me up?” Arthur replied.
Robin panted and raised a hand. “Martial Arts, five years.”
“What did you do with my stuff?” Arthur demanded.
“I sold it.” Robin said straightening up.
“What?” Arthur cried.
Robin shook his head. “Typical. Rich people only care about their stuff.”
“What? I don’t just care about my stuff. You took stuff that I had to earn money for.” Arthur yelled.
Robin laughed. “Earn money? Ha! You don’t earn money, it’s given to you.”
Arthur watched Robin turn and walk away. Arthur stared angrily after him, then he had an idea. He was going to follow him and see where he lived.
Arthur ran back to his car and drove after Robin. Arthur followed Robin to the Sherwood neighborhood, he saw Robin enter a small and dinky looking house and close the door. Arthur made a note of the address, turned around and left.
Arthur drove up to his house and parked in the drive way. He got out and headed to his porch when he saw Gwen walking down the street again. “Good afternoon Gwen.” Arthur called.
Gwen smiled. “Good afternoon Arthur.”
Arthur asked. “How have you been?”
“Very well, thank you.” Gwen smiled.
There was a awkward silence. Gwen looked at the ground, then looked at Arthur. “This is your chance, ask her out!” Arthur thought to himself. “Gwen?” He said.
Gwen perked up. “Yes?” She replied looking up eagerly at him.
“Well, would you like to out on a-“
“On a date?” Gwen finished.
Arthur was surprised. “Uh, yes.”
Gwen grinned. “Oh, yes! I would love to.”
“I’ll pick you at six.” Arthur said. Gwen nodded walked to her house looking like she was restraining herself from jumping up and down.
Arthur went inside. “Did I just ask Gwen out?” Arthur asked himself. Arthur grinned as the realization of what happened completely dawned on him. “I better get ready.” He said to himself.
Arthur ran upstairs and eagerly began to prepare himself for the evening. He took a hot shower, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair to the side. Arthur pushed open the doors to his closet and picked out a suit and tie.
Then Arthur ran downstairs, picked up his phone and dialed a number. “Hello?” Arthur said once someone picked up the phone. “I would like to reserve a table for two please, preferably a window seat next to the river. The name? Arthur Pendragon. Yes, thank you very much.”
“I need something for when we come back here. I need to go to the store.” Arthur drove to the store and bought a bottle of champagne, some chocolates and rented a chick flick. When he came back it was five forty-five. Arthur went upstairs and put on his suit. He stood in front of his closet mirror to tie his tie. As was he tying his tie he heard a voice.
“Nice tie. Where’d you get that? Men’s warehouse?”
Arthur’s eye twitched. He turned around and saw Robin sitting on Arthur’s bed. “Damn it! Haven’t you ever heard of privacy?”
Robin nodded. “Oh, sure privacy, like when you followed me home, that wasn’t an invasion of privacy.”
“What do you want?” Arthur demanded.
“I want to know why you followed me to my home.” Robin answered opening the bottle of champagne Arthur just bought and poured himself a glass into a champagne glass.
Arthur clenched his hands into fists. “Get out!” He yelled.
Robin took a sip. “No.” He calmly replied. “Not until I find out why you followed me home.”
“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t report you to the police!” Arthur said jabbing a finger in Robin’s direction.
Robin thought for a moment. “Because, secretly you admire me.”
“Ha ha very funny.” Arthur retorted. “Stop mocking me.”
“Tell me why and then I will leave.” Robin replied.
Arthur looked at his watch, it was almost six, he didn’t have time for this. “Fine, I followed you home, so I could know where you lived that way if I ever needed to report you to the police I could.”
For a moment Arthur thought that with this answer Robin wouldn’t leave, but true to his word, Robin stood and left. As he passed Arthur he looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a cocky smile. “Nice champagne.” He said, then he was gone.
Arthur shook his head,and brought the bottle downstairs. “I hope there’s still enough for Gwen and me.” He thought as he placed the bottle in the fridge.
Arthur grabbed his wallet and keys and walked out to Gwen’s house. He knocked on Gwen’s door, when she opened it Arthur’s mouth dropped. She wore a beautiful red sparkling dress, half of her wavy brown hair trickling down her slim body, the other half in a bun, and her sparkling blue eyes dazzling Arthur.
“Wow.” Was all Arthur could say. Gwen blushed. Arthur recovered himself. “Shall we leave?” He asked gesturing to his car.
“Yes, thank you.” Gwen said. Arthur opened the car door for her and she got in. Arthur got in and drove off to the restaurant.
The restaurant they were to was a sophisticated restaurant located on the river that the city was on, it was called Shay On Re. They stepped inside and a waiter came up to them. “And what is the name of the reservation?” The waiter said snobbishly.
“Arthur Pendragon.” Arthur replied in a cool air.
Instantly the whole demeanor of the waiter changed. “Arthur Pendragon? Oh! Let me get you right to your table.” The waiter showed them to a beautiful table right next to a window which looked over the river.
“Wow,” Gwen said, “your dad is very well known here.”
Arthur shrugged. “He takes clients here often.”
“What does your father do?” Gwen asked.
“Well, he sells products. A client comes up to him with a product idea, my father and the client agree on a payment split, and my father gets the product made and sold. Then the money that gets made he splits with the client.” Arthur replied.
“Interesting. What do you do?” Gwen asked.
“I am an accountant, I do the numbers, you know stuff like that.” Arthur replied.
“Don’t you have to go to collage for that?”
“Yes, I did. I went to collage and earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. I graduated this past school year.” Arthur replied.
“Oh, well congratulations.” Gwen said nodding her head. “Has your accounting job been everything you dreamed it’d be?”
“Almost,” Arthur replied, “the other accountants aren’t exactly the friendliest people.”
The waiter came by for their orders. They ate lobster in a delicious clam sauce. When they were done Arthur invited Gwen back to his house for champagne and a movie. Gwen agreed so they went back to Arthur’s house.
Arthur and Gwen sat on his couch and watched the movie. In the middle, Arthur tried to find the popcorn bowl, but instead he found Gwen’s hand. “Oh, sorry.” He apologized. “I was trying to find the popcorn bowl.”
Gwen didn’t say anything, she just took his hand and held it. Gwen laughed at something in the movie while Arthur stared down at his hand intertwined with Gwen’s, the girl whom he had a crush since he first saw her at Private School, he finally was now holding hands with her. Arthur sat back smiling and caressing Gwen’s hand.


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