One Month Mark!

Hey guess what tomorrow is? It’s the one month mark of me publishing chapters of Liars and Thieves! I hope you all have enjoyed reading the story so far.Yesterday I finished reading it to two of my brothers. If you ask them they will tell you that they loved it. I enjoyed reading it, I know that it needs some serious editing, some parts just make me gag, other sentences just make pause in confusion and say. “What was I trying to say?”

These past three, soon to be four, weeks have been fun. I do my editing on Tuesday, so I don’t really have time for anything else. Except today I started early, so I got down about the time I would have started it normally. It’s been fun going through my book again, and explaining things that needed explaining, pulling out repetitive words, and rewriting useless sentences.

Let me know what you think of my book so far and come back tomorrow morning for the next installment of Liars and Thieves!


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