Liars and Thieves: Chapter 3 (Robin)

His fist flew up into the blond man’s chin, judging by the fact that the blonde’s eyes rolled back into his head, Robin could tell that he knocked him out. Robin turned to run, then looked back at the body of the blonde haired man. Robin sighed, picked up the man and carried him back to where the blonde lived. He may be a thief, but he was still human, he couldn’t just leave this man lying on the sidewalk.
Robin carried the blonde to his room and laid him on his bed. Robin tended to the man cuts and bruises, by putting band-aids on his cuts and putting ice on his bruises. After about a half hour Robin stood to go, he looked at the man. The blond haired man looked better than he did a half hour ago. Robin headed downstairs and left the house.
Robin walked to the end of the street and turned left. He walked down this road passing fancy decorated streets, till he got to a busy street called Geteilt. On the other side of the street was a sign with the paint peeling off, it said, “Sherwood Government Housing District”. The Avalon and Sherwood neighborhoods were actually within walking distance, and this one street divided the two worlds. Robin and his friends used a car so as to not arouse suspicion and to quickly escape their victims in case they were caught, just like tonight.
Robin crossed the street and went home. When Robin entered his house, he found all his friends were waiting for him. “Robin!” Much cried out, “you’re safe!”
Robin smiled. “Yes I’m fine.” Robin walked on to the bathroom, he looked at his reflection. Blood had dried on his chin, his stomach was sore, and his cheek was bruised. Robin turned on the sink and washed his face.
“What happened? After we drove away we didn’t know if you were going to make it.” Will asked. Will had brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache that he treasured. He loved to make noise, he loved his slender pipe and a good game of poker.
“I fought him.” Robin replied before going to his ugly fridge and pull out a ice pack. “He caught up to me and pulled me down with him. We had a round, I punched him in the head and knocked him out cold. I carried him back to his house, tended to his cuts and bruises then came back.”
Robin sank down on the couch, pressing the ice pack to his head now, and sighed. “What’s tomorrow again?” He asked looking up at his friends.
“Saturday. It’s homework day.” Allen replied.
“Right, thank you.” Robin said. Robin sat there for a moment, then stood. “I’m going to bed.” He said. Robin went to his room and fell fast asleep.
The next morning Robin woke up and went to his living room to prepare for Homework Day. Each Saturday all the kids in the neighborhood came to his house and Robin helped them with their homework. Robin felt that getting ahead in school was extremely important, if the children got a good education perhaps they would be able to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.
They were of all ages from the kindergartner needing help with his ABC’s to the high-school teen needing help with geometry. Robin was used to these wide ranges of age. He’d start by helping the kindergarteners and then gave a short lesson on what the high-schoolers were learning that week.
Not long after Robin had finished his breakfast kids began to pile into his small dingy living room, all eager to learn. All was going well, Robin was in the middle of teaching his lesson when one of the kids spoke up.
“Ugh! Why do we have to learn the stupid lesson all over again?” The room suddenly became quiet. Robin turned from his medium sized dry-erase board. All the kids looked over to a young teen boy who was lounging on the couch.
No one dared to be disrespectful towards Robin. He was Sherwood’s protector. He saved them from starvation, he saved them from being thrown into the streets, he deserved the utmost respect. “Excuse me?” Robin said.
The teenage boy sighed exasperatedly and repeated his question. “Why do we have to learn this all over again? We already learned it in school.”
Robin walked up to the boy. “What’s your name?”
“Jack Featherton.” Jack replied not at all fazed by Robin’s threatening stare.
“Alright, Jack, let’s have you do a pop quiz. Answer this question.” Robin went to the white board and wrote down a complicate algebraic equation. He turned and handed the marker to Jack. “Come on, don’t be shy.”
Jack got up and stared at the whiteboard. Robin stood next to him. “Come on, you said you learned it in school, now solve.”
A minute passed and Jack sighed and put down the marker, he started to walk back to his seat, when Robin spoke up. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Back to my seat?” Jack replied.
“You’re giving up that easily?” Robin asked.
Jack shrugged. “I can’t solve the problem.”
“And why not?”
“I-I can’t remember how to solve it.”
Robin put his arm around Jack and spoke to the rest of the room.”You see, you learn the concept in school, but then in all of your other subject you have, it gets lost. And so, Jack, the reason why I teach you the same lesson again is so you can remember again.” Looking at Jack he said, “most of the kids who have been coming here have seen an increase in their grades. Is that correct?” He asked everyone.
Everyone except Jack, nodded vigorously. One girl raised her hand. “I have a A in math!” Several others smiled and nodded.
Robin turned to Jack and said. “You are the future, use the future well.”
After class ended, Robin cleaned his living room. Afterward Robin walked down Geteilt Street. Today he had a interview for a job. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for what he needed. It was a cafe that lived on Geteilt Street. It was small, but loved by the locals. Near the entrance to the parking lot was a sign that said “Geteilt Cafe”, but usually people called it The Cafe.
Robin walked up the stairs and pushed open the door. The sweet aroma of coffee met his nose. The inside was just as small as was the outside. Robin looked around and saw that the majority of the costumers were collage students studying hard.
Robin went to the cash register. “Can I help you honey?” A curly blonde waitress asked in a southern accent.
“Yes, I’m here for an interview with Scott Hankerdon.” Robin replied.
“Ahh, yes. Just one moment sweetheart.” She turned and left to go to the back.
Robin waited for five minutes, before she came back with a man, who Robin assumed was Scott Hankerdon. Robin held out his hand. “I’m Robin Locksley, I’m here for the interview.” He said politely.
“Scott Hankerdon, yes, Robin! Come in!” Scott Hankerdon said.
Robin was led into a office. Robin sat down, in a chair in front of a desk. Scott sat behind the desk. “Alright, Robin, your application says that you have committed a felony, breaking and entering-.”
Robin nodded. “Yes, I have.”
Scott shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I don’t really hire people who have committed felonies.”
“Please Mr. Hankerdon, I understand that you are afraid that I will rob from you, but I swear I will not steal from you, and if you don’t believe me, then have me as a waiter and watch me till you can trust me.” Robin was close to begging on his knees, he needed a job.
Scott thought for a moment, then shook his head. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t hire you. It’s too risky I thought I see you and talk to you and see if maybe I’d take the chance, but also you are from Sherwood Government Housing District. For all I know you could be a bum, drug dealer, or something like that.” Scott said eying Robin’s black hoodie.
Robin sighed. “I understand.” He replied. Robin stood and held his hand out to shake Scott’s. “Thank you for your time, and thank you for interviewing me.” Robin said shaking Scott’s hand. “Have a good day.”
Scott nodded. “Thank you, you have a good day as well.”

Robin left the cafe in low spirits. He was running low on money. But Robin shifted his thoughts, he needed to worry about the people that he took care of, they were the ones in real need, he could worry about himself later.

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