Liars and Thieves: Chapter 2 (Arthur)

Streaming through the window, reflecting off of the sliding mirror door, the sun shined into the face of Arthur Pendragon, a young man of twenty-two. He sat up in bed, his blonde hair all awry, his blue eyes blinking away sleepiness. Arthur climbed out of bed and crossed his room to the sliding mirror door. He opened it and pulled out a button down shirt and jeans.
After changing, Arthur went downstairs into his small kitchen. The walls were painted a robin egg blue, and the counter tops a smooth stone black. His proud shiny silver fridge stood tall, boasting of the newest technological advances in refrigeration. Arthur opened his dark cherry wood cupboards and pulled out a bowl and his favorite cereal, Raisin Bran. He sat down at his dark mahogany kitchen table and began to eat.
After he had finished two bites, the doorbell rang. Arthur rose and went to answer the door. He walked through his living room, which had dark wooden walls, to his right there was a black leather couch facing a flat-screen TV, which was mounted above a white marble fireplace, below it was a gray oval carpet. To his left there was a shelf full of liquor, next to that was a table for mixing drinks and serving them, and finally there were two bookshelves full of books.
Arthur opened a dark wooden door with a glass window, and behind it was a woman.
“Oh Arthur, my sweetie.” The woman cried happily.
“Hi, what are you doing here?” Arthur asked with a fake smile on his face.
“I just wanted to see my pookibuns.”
“Mom, you know I don’t like to be called that.” Arthur said slightly irritated.
“Oh shush. Well aren’t you going to let your mother in?” Mrs. Pendragon asked.
“Actually I have to go. I’m…going to the doctor.” Arthur said.
“Oh my, anything serious?” Mrs. Pendragon asked looking worried.
“No, no just for a check up.” Arthur said before reaching inside and grabbing his keys and wallet. “I’ll see you later.”
“Yes, I’ll see you at Sunday’s brunch!” Mrs. Pendragon said.
Arthur jumped into his car and drove off. Arthur lived in the Avalon neighborhood, his house being one of the smallest in the area. The street was covered with trees, few being beautiful cherry blossoms.
Instead of going to the doctor, Arthur drove downtown to a homeless shelter. For seven years Arthur had worked at this shelter downtown, he loved helping the people who were less fortunate than him. Even when he was a kid, he protected the nerds from the bullies.
Arthur parked in the parking lot for the homeless shelter and walked inside. Inside there was a older homeless man, about the age of forty, trying on shoes with the help of a volunteer. “Jeremy! How are you?” Arthur asked happily.
Jeremy wore a red coat and had graying hair. He had dark skin that was just beginning to wrinkle and he had dark green eyes that seemed to stare deep into your soul. He smiled at his young friend. “I’m okay. Need some new shoes.” Jeremy replied. He was a friend of Arthur’s and had been coming to the shelter for as long as Arthur could remember.
“Would you like some help?” Arthur asked.
“Sure.” Jeremy answered.
For the next hour, Arthur, the volunteer and Jeremy looked for shoes. Finally they settled on a pair of sneakers that fit him. “Thank you Arthur, you are so kind.” Jeremy said.
Arthur smiled. “No problem, it’s what friends do right?”
The rest of the day passed somewhat slowly. Most of the people weren’t there that day, they were out trying for jobs, at least that’s what Arthur hoped.
At five Arthur came home and got out of his car. He was about to go inside his home when he stopped. Walking down the street was a young woman. Arthur smiled, it was Gwen, his next door neighbor, and the girl he’d had a crush on since private school. However, he never had the nerve to ask her out.
Gwen looked up and waved. “Hi Arthur, how are you?”
Arthur panicked, she was talking to him. “Oh yes! Hi, I’m fine how are you?” He replied quickly, mushing the words together.
Gwen giggled. “I’m fine, how has your day been?”
“I just came back from a check up.” Arthur replied sticking to his story.
“Oh, is everything alright?” Gwen asked.
Arthur nodded. “Fit as a fiddle.”
Gwen smiled. “Well I have to go. I’ll talk to you later Arthur.” Then she walked into her house and closed the door.
That night, Arthur lay in bed checking his Facebook on his Iphone. He was scrolling through when he saw this status: “Just discovered we were robbed! How did it happen? We didn’t hear anything!” Alexandria Handler had posted this.
Arthur frowned. Quite a few of the houses in the Avalon neighborhood were being robbed lately. “I should go and lock my door.” Arthur said to himself. He went downstairs and locked up his windows and doors.
Then he lay in his bed and thought. It was tough being him. No one could discover his dark and humiliating secret. When Arthur was fifteen he wanted to go and work in a homeless shelter to help the poor-
Before Arthur could continue his thoughts he heard a window shatter. Arthur shot up, then quietly walked down the stairs.
He heard whispering voices. “He doesn’t have anything!” One whispered.
“Yes he does,” another voice whispered. “He has this MP3 player, Walker 300 limited edition.”
Being careful to stay out of sight, Arthur walked quietly down the stairs somemore, then he got a view of the people who were in his house. There were five men, their leader was dressed in a black hoodie,
“Quiet, I heard something.” The leader said. The leader spun around. Arthur ducked behind the wall, but he knew he was found. The leader came over to the stairs, and Arthur punched him in the face. The leader stumbled back.
“Robin!” One man cried, he was a blonde haired man with his hair in a pony tail and glasses. The man named Robin waved him back and looked at Arthur.
Arthur pulled a sword out from the shield that hung on the wall near the staircase. “What do you want?” Arthur demanded.
“We want ten percent of your money.” Robin replied.
“What? Are you like the IRS?” Arthur retorted sarcastically.
Arthur saw Robin move towards him, Arthur swung his sword flat side towards him, but his hand rebounded when Robin smacked Arthur’s sword hand away from him. Arthur felt himself collide with the wall and pinned there.
“Run!” Arthur heard Robin cry to his fellow thieves. Robin punched Arthur and then followed his companions out the broken window. Arthur quickly jumped up and followed them. “Come back here you!” He yelled.
Arthur chased them down the street. He saw Robin glance back. “Go! Go! Go!” Robin urged hysterically. Arthur caught up to Robin, grabbed him and pulled him to the ground. Arthur saw the hooded man’s friends run on, jump into a rusty car and speed away.
Suddenly Arthur found himself punched twice in the face and then kicked into a hedge behind him. He climbed out and saw Robin standing in a fighting stance, blood was trickling out of his mouth. “Come on,” he said, “fight me.” He twitched two fingers towards him self.
Arthur put his fists up. Robin threw a swing, Arthur easily dodged it. Arthur threw two punches to Robin’s stomach. Robin took the opportunity to give Arthur an uppercut. Arthur’s eyes flashed white, then black.
When Arthur woke up he was in his bedroom, with band aids on his cuts. Arthur went into his master bathroom and saw his reflection in the mirror. His right eye was bruised and he had a few cuts on his face and arms.
The doorbell rang, Arthur walked gingerly down stairs, now he had a splitting headache. He opened the door. Four men stood there, they were Arthur’s society friends. Their names were Brad, Nathan, Josh, and Andrew
“Hey bro- gah! What the heck happened to you?” Brad asked.
“I got into a fight down at the pub.” Arthur said grimacing.
“Sheesh, some fight you had.” Brad said walking in.
“Wait, what you are doing?” Arthur said.
“It’s Movie Marathon Day remember?” Nathan replied.
Of course! How could he forget that today was Movie Marathon Day? Well it was something nice that he could do, that didn’t involve lying, or fighting. Arthur sat down on his couch and they began to watch Star Wars. All was going well, when Josh leaned towards him and whispered. “How did you get beat up?”
Arthur almost choked on his popcorn. How was he going to cover this up? “Um, well, I was a the bar and I was flirting with a girl-“
“Was she hot?”
“Yes,” Arthur replied. “Another guy came up and tried to flirt with her, but she liked me better, so he fought me. He was half drunk anyway.”
Josh nodded and continued to watch the movie. When the marathon was over, Arthur climbed the stairs up to his room, and collapsed onto his bed, glad to be alone.


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