Liars and Thieves: Chapter 7 (Robin)

Robin ran out the door leaving Arthur behind and headed after the jogging Marian. “Marian!” He called out once he was within hearing distance.
Marian slowed to a stop and looked for the source that spoke her name. Robin caught up to her. “Marian.” Robin panted.
“Oh, Robin. How are you?” Marian smiled.
Robin smiled back. “Marian, listen I need to ask you something.”
“Yes?” She said.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go coffee sometime. Maybe tonight or next week?” Robin watched Marian anxiously. He saw her put her weight on one leg with her arms folded.
“Sure. How about now?” Marian replied.
“What? Now?”
“Sure why not? Come on follow me.” Marian said before jogging in the direction of The Cafe.
Robin and Marian jogged to The Cafe.
Robin sat down while Marian collapsed into her seat. She grinned at him through her sweaty face.
“So, do you jog a lot?” Robin asked trying to spark some conversation.
Marian laughed. “What tipped you off?” She said jokingly. “Yes, I jog on a regular basis. Do you have any activities you like to do?” Marian was clearly trying to help keep the conversation going.
“When I was younger I took martial arts for five years.” Robin said.
“Cool.” Marian replied.
Silence followed. Marian sipped her tea and glanced around the cafe. Robin looked at his watch and began to whistle.
“So, uh how did you end up here?” Robin asked.
Marian snatched the subject as if it were a rescue rope thrown to her. “Got laid off of my job. I couldn’t find another one. I lived in an apartment on the other side of town, but eventually I got kicked out because I couldn’t pay rent. I’ve been looking for a job, but no one will hire me,” Marian sighed, “because I live here.”
Robin frowned. “That’s not right. No one should not hire anyone just because they don’t live in the right place. Maybe that’s the only damn place that person can afford-” Robin stopped. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled.”
Marian shook her head. “Oh no, you’re absolutely right. No one should be judged where they live. That’s bullshit.”
Robin smiled and Marian gave him a crooked smile back and in that moment, Robin knew she was the one.
“Do you have family that can help you?” Robin asked.
“Not around here. It’s really hard to get in touch with them. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them. If they heard what’s been going on they would have rushed out here to help me.” Marian smiled. “My family’s nice like that.”
Robin looked at Marian, she sipped more tea then looked out the window. “When I was young my dad and I would look in our telescope and look for the stars and planets.” Marian smiled and shook her head. “I was obsessed with the planets. I read so much about them it would make your head burst. I dreamed about being an astronaut.” Marian smiled with a mist of the past in her eyes. Then she turned to Robin. “What was your childhood like?” She asked.
Now Robin looked out the window. “It was hard, my father was stern, and a lot was expected of me. But it wasn’t until I got here, I realized how hard it was.”
The next day Robin got up and went to the homeless shelter. His money was almost gone, he had been looking and looking for a job but couldn’t find any that would call him back.
Robin stood in line waiting for his food. Suddenly he remembered that Blondie worked here. Robin looked up and saw that he face to face with Blondie.
“Hi,” Blondie said.
“I would like some bacon please.” Robin said.
Blondie gave him some bacon. “Did it go well with that girl…Marian?” He asked.
“Yes it did.” Robin said then he went to sit down.
He heard Blondie run after him. “What happened?” Blondie asked.
Robin took a bite of bacon. “Well someone’s Mr. Chatty.” He replied. He looked up at Blondie who was sitting across from him looking at him expectantly. Robin sighed. “Fine, you win. It went well. We went to The Cafe and had coffee and talked for a while. You happy now?” Robin shook his head and took another bite of bacon.
“My mom asked where you were.” Blondie said.
“So?” Robin replied with his mouth full.
“So? She wants to meet you again. She thought that you were intriguing and a good friend of mine.”
Robin raised an eyebrow. “Are you saying that we are friends?”
Blondie seemed a little frightened. “No, of course not! But she thinks so.”
Robin sighed. “You want me to come meet her?”
Robin watched Blondie nodding vigorously. “Please? She’ll bug me until you come.”
Robin smirked. “Maybe I’ll just let her bug you for a while.”
“What? No, no!” Blondie cried. “Please! You have to come with me!”
Robin stood and cleared his platter, then he turned to Blondie. “You don’t get it. I don’t ever want to be apart of society. Not the place you call society.”
“Well then, what am I supposed to tell her?” Blondie asked.
Robin put his hand on Blondie’s shoulder. “Tell her that we broke up, and we don’t want to see each others faces again.” He replied with some sarcasm.
That night Robin and his friends were in his kitchen. “Alright, tonight we are going to the Jackson’s house.” Robin said. “Much, you have some research on them?”
Much nodded. “The Jackson’s are a family that I know quite a bit about. They have three children, two daughters and one son. They also have a dog, the dog is kind of big and may pose a threat. They have lasers in their yard at night and coded doors. The best way to get in would be by a window.”
Robin nodded. “Okay. We are going to sneak in and get out as quickly as possible.”
“Hang on.” Much said. “I need to go over the children. They are especially important. The eldest is a teenage daughter who is 16 and stays up late into the night talking on the phone with her various society friends, the second is the son. He is a nightmare. The mother is often run over by her son who is extremely rowdy, and finally the youngest she is a crier. She will not stop crying until she gets what she wants. So be extremely careful when we go in.” Much said.
That night Robin and his men headed out to Avalon. They came up to the Jackson’s house, the lights were on upstairs and music was blaring out of the house. Robin looked at Much who shrugged. Robin smirked. A challenge.
Robin flew through the air doing back flips, somersaults and even walking on two hands. He got to the porch and turned back. His friends carefully slid through, till they all met at the porch. They came to a window and carefully slid it open. The owners of this house must have thought that no one would be able to get past the lasers.
Robin quietly climbed inside. He looked around and saw valuable things. Quietly he placed valuables in his bag. Suddenly Robin froze, he heard foot steps. Robin gestured to his men to all hide. The light switched on the teenage daughter was downstairs she looked out the window as if waiting for someone.
“Oh, I almost forgot. The lasers, he won’t be able to come if the lasers are on.” The girl ran somewhere in the kitchen and pushed some buttons.
Robin heard, with great relief, the lasers shutting off. “It’ll be easy to get out.” Robin thought.
Robin peered around the wall. The teenage girl was busy looking out the back window. Robin gestured to his friends to get out. Slowly one by one they snuck out the window. Robin was on his way out the window.
Suddenly he heard a voice. “George? Is that you?” Robin fell out the window and ducked under the porch. He waited a minute. “Hmm, must have been my imagination.” The girl said. Robin clambered to his feet and met his friends at the gate.
“We did it! Another job done, another family safe for three months.” Much said happily.
“Let’s go home and get some sleep, I’m tired.” Will yawned.
Robin smiled. “Yes, let’s go home.”

Liars and Thieves: Chapter 6 (Arthur)

Arthur lay angrily in bed thinking-again- about what Robin had said to him three days ago. “What about you Liar? You lie to your friends and family that you work in a homeless shelter.” The terrible part was that Robin was right, and Arthur knew it.
What Mrs. Pendragon said was true. When Arthur was fifteen, he did indeed ask his parents to work in a homeless shelter. Arthur felt that he was supposed to be helping people, this was the way he felt he should help.
Arthur could still remember that day when he asked his parents. He had run in just back from Private School for the summer, he remembered bolting through the great hall to the drawing room where his parents would be.
Arthur had pushed the door open and saw his mother knitting and his father looking at some paperwork from his company. “Mom! Dad!” He cried out.
His parents looked up. “Oh Jellybun! You’re home!” His mother cried out.
Arthur chuckled as he remembered thinking to himself. “Ugh, why does she still call me these names?”
But he had quickly recovered and told his parents that he wanted to tell them something.
“What is it Sport?” Mr. Pendragon had asked.
“Well,” Arthur had begun, “I was school this past year and I’ve been thinking about this a lot. You see, when I was here for Christmas vacation we went downtown and I saw a poor man sitting on the sidewalk next to a dumpster. He looked so cold and hungry. When I saw him I felt sorry for him.”
Arthur looked up at his parents with determination in his eyes. “I want to go help the poor! I feel that I am supposed to do that! There’s a shelter downtown! I could go downtown and help out there during the summer an-”
“What? Darling? Help the poor?” Mrs. Pendragon said. “And dirty those Pendragon hands?”
“Not a chance!” Mr. Pendragon said. “It would tarnish the family name. The Pendragon’s have always been known to be upper-class people. You should know that upper-class people don’t associate with lower class people.”
“No buts, the discussion has ended.”
Arthur sighed as he remembered then going to his room and crying, his dream shattered. Then he remembered looking up from his pillow with new determination. From that day on he worked at the homeless shelter secretly, riding his bike downtown and eventually, when he got his first car, driving down.
Arthur turned on his side and remembered one day talking to his friends about the Homeless Shelter.
“Hey Brad, I was wondering, would you ever want to work in a homeless shelter? You know, help the poor?” Arthur had asked.
Brad and everyone else laughed. “Oh Arthur, you crack me up! That’s really funny.” Brad laughed
Arthur looked up. “What do you mean?” He had asked.
Brad looked at him. “Our parents would never let us do that and rightfully so. I mean we’d be connected with those poor bums, think about what it would do to our reputation?” Brad smiled and laughed.
Arthur smiled weakly and forced a laugh. Arthur thought that maybe he could count on his friends being there for him and supporting him. It was then that he realized that they weren’t really friends, they would ditch him as soon as they heard his secret.
Arthur turned on his back and stared at his ceiling. “I should apologize to him.” Arthur thought. He sighed. “I shouldn’t have said the things I said. They maybe right…but I have no place in saying that.” Then Arthur fell asleep.
The next morning Arthur drove to Sherwood. He parked his car, walked up to Robin’s door and knocked on it.
“Are you going to talk to Robin?” Arthur turned and saw a little girl holding a ball.
“Er, yes.” Arthur replied.
The little girl smiled. “Robin is a good guy. He makes sure that we have food and clothes to wear. He taught me to do my numbers. Ask me a math question!”
“What is 2+2?” Arthur asked.
The girl frowned playfully. “Anyone can solve that. Ask me one with three digits.”
“What is 360-231?”
“129.” The girl replied confidently.
Arthur nodded. “Very good. What else does Robin do here?” His curiosity getting the better of him.
“Well if there’s a bad guy who hurts people, he goes and he stops them. Like my friend Jane had a daddy who hurt her. We told Robin and he came and beat the guy up and said to him. ‘Get out! I don’t want to see your stinky face around again!’ And then Jane’s mean daddy ran away as fast as he could.” The girl smiled.
Arthur stared at the little girl. He couldn’t believe that this was Robin. The Robin he was knew, a jerk and a pain in the ass.
“Hello- oh it’s you. What do you want?” Arthur stood and saw Robin standing in his doorway.
Arthur stood. “Hey, can I come in?”
Robin raised an eyebrow. “Sure, I guess.” Then he looked at the little girl. “Good morning Alice, you should get ready for school.” Alice nodded and ran off.
Arthur came inside. He saw Robin walking to his kitchen and wash some dishes. “What do you want?” Robin said.
Arthur awkwardly glanced around the house. He never thought he would be here.
“Well?” Robin demanded.
Arthur sighed, bowed his head, then raised it again. “I came to apologize. I had no right to say what I said to you at the Charity Ball, I wanted to say sorry.”
Robin put down his dishes and dried his hands. “Me too.” He said. Arthur and Robin stood there for a few moments in an awkward silence.
“I have your suit. I should return it.” Robin said.
“Oh! Yes. Thank you.” Arthur said pouncing on the break in the silence.
Arthur waited for Robin to come out of his bathroom laundry room. Robin came out with the suit on a hanger. “Here you go.” Robin said handing the hanger to Arthur. “Let me walk you to the door.”
Robin opened the door for Arthur. Arthur stepped out when suddenly Robin held him back. Arthur looked at Robin confused. A woman passed by. Her black hair pulled back into a long ponytail, flying through the air like a flag as she jogged down the street.
She passed Robin’s house, looked up and waved to Robin. “Good morning Robin!” She said before moving on again.
“Who’s she?” Arthur asked.
Robin smiled. “That’s Marian.”
“Have you talked to her?” Arthur asked knowingly.
“Well-uh-I-” Robin sighed. “No, only really short sentences which I botch.”
Arthur smiled. “I know how you feel. Why not try and ask her out?”
“What? Are you crazy? Ask her out when I botch short sentences?” Robin exclaimed.
Arthur shrugged. “I don’t know. I did that and it seemed to work out for me. Maybe it will for you.”
Arthur saw Robin thinking it over. “Alright Blondie…” he said slowly. “I’ll give it a shot.
“My name is Arthur!” Arthur replied irritated.
Robin waved it aside. “I’m going to catch up to Marian and ask her out. I assume you can see yourself out.”
Arthur turned to leave when he heard Robin sigh. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this.” Arthur turned and saw Robin held his hand out. “Thank you.” Arthur shook his hand, and left.

Liars and Thieves: Chapter 5 (Robin)

Robin walked out of Arthur’s house with two feelings, anger, and some satisfaction. He was angry because someone followed him to his house and now this man could hold it over him. He was satisfied because in a small way he gained a little revenge, not enough to satisfy what Blonde had done to him.
Robin walked down the street, suddenly he heard a door slam. He turned and saw Blonde rushing down next door and knock on the door. The door opened and there stood a beautiful woman. “Not a beautiful as Marian.” Robin thought. He watched Blonde and the woman get into Blonde’s car and drive away.
Robin walked back to Sherwood. He was walking down his street to his house when he heard a shriek.
Robin’s head darted around for the sound, at the end of the street was a man who grabbed a woman’s bag and took off with it.
“Help me! Somebody please help! I have children to feed.” The woman cried. Without a second thought, Robin bolted down the street after the man. The thief saw that Robin was following and ran down a alleyway. Robin bolted down the alleyway, he looked around for the man, but he was hiding.
Robin knew he needed to be light on his feet and be careful, the thief could be anywhere.
Robin walked down the alleyway listening and watching for any sound or movement that might give the thief away. Then out of the corner of his eye Robin saw a shadow move. Robin pounced and found the man hiding behind a group of trash cans. “Ha! I found you! Now give back the woman’s purse!” Robin said.
The thief panicked, grabbed a trash can lid and hit Robin with it. Robin surprised by the attack stumbled back giving the thief the opportunity to hit Robin over the head. Robin collapsed onto the ground, his last sight was the thief running off with the woman purse.
When Robin woke it was night and he was lying in his bed. Will, who was smoking a pipe, sat on a chair next to him. Robin groaned.
“He’s awake!” Will said loudly.
Allen, John, and Much burst in. “Oh thank goodness. How are you feeling? We found you lying unconscious in the alley.” Much said looking very relived.
Robin slowly sat up. “I feel like I’ve been driven over by a steam shovel.”
“What happened?” Allen asked.
“A woman was being robbed of her bag, I went to chase the villain down, but he went into a alleyway, he caught me off guard when he swung a trash can lid at me, and then he hit me on the head. We need to find her and help her.” Robin said starting to get up. When Robin got up his head started to spin and give him a headache.
“You aren’t doing anything.” John said.
“Not until you are completely better.” Much finished.
“Yeah, you just got hit in the head with a trash can, you need some rest.” Will agreed chuckling slightly before putting his pipe back in his mouth.
Robin looked at Allen who nodded. Robin sighed and lay back down. “Fine, I’ll take it easy.” His friends thanked him.
“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this.” Much said. “Why don’t you sleep for a while and tomorrow maybe get a coffee down at The Cafe.”
Robin sighed again. “Alright.” He said. Robin fell asleep when he woke up the next day, it was late afternoon.
“I think I’ll take Much’s advice and go get a coffee.” He thought. Robin went back to his room and pulled out a jar from under his bed. It was filled with coins; pennies, nickels, quarters. It was change that Robin placed in this jar for guilty pleasures, such as a tasty chocolatey mocha.
Robin went to The Cafe. Robin went to the counter. The waitress came up. “What can I get you Honey?” She said, then she looked up at him. “Oh, hello sweetheart, you were here for an interview a few days ago right? What would you like? A coffee?”
“Yes please, I would like your Death by Chocolate Mocha please.” Robin handed her the cash.
The waitress smiled, then in a quiet voice she said. “You know for a thief you seem pretty nice and polite.” The waitress turned and made Robin his mocha.
Robin took the mocha and sat down at a table. Just as soon as he sat down, the door opened, and Robin never thought he’d find him here, it was Blonde. Robin smirked. He watched Blonde get a coffee, as Blonde passed by Robin spoke. “Hey Blonde.”
Out of the corner of his eye he saw Blonde’s eyes widen and he picked up his pace to leave the cafe as soon as possible. Robin followed him out of the cafe.
Blonde ran to his car, jumped in and tried started it up, but it stalled. Robin chuckled and took this time to hurry back to his house and grab his car. Robin got into his car and drove back to the cafe. Blonde finally got the car running and began to drive away, looking relieved that Robin was supposedly gone.
Robin followed Blonde to a fancy grocery store called The Refreshment Market. Blonde got out of his car, and walked to the store. Robin sinisterly parked his car next to Blonde’s. Robin got out and followed Blonde.
Suddenly Blonde turned around. “What are you doing here?” He demanded.
“Following you.” Robin replied.
“Why? You already know where I live.”
“Oh, it’s more for revenge.” Robin smirked.
Blonde sighed exasperatedly and continued on inside. Robin walked in after him. He walked up beside Blonde. “So, is this were you go shopping often?”
“Stay away from me.” Blonde muttered angrily.
Robin turned and saw some apples. “Ooh, these look nice and shiny, maybe I should eat them.” Robin raised the apple to his mouth, then Blonde swiped it.
Oh no you don’t Snow White.” Blonde replied. Then he went to the vegetables and began looking at the lettuce. Eventually he picked a head, placed it in a bag and put it in the cart.
Robin followed Blonde, till they got to a coffee sample. “Oh, this looks tasty. Coffee.” Robin poured himself a cup and began to sip it. “What kind of coffee is it?” Robin looked at the bag. He looked at Blonde. “Well what do you know, it’s Blondie coffee.” He laughed.
Suddenly Blonde froze. Robin looked and saw some collage age looking men coming towards Blonde.
“Hey!” They cried. Blonde’s face went pale.
“How are you man?” One of them said to Blondie.
“Hi Brad, how are you?” Blonde choked.
“Hey, who’s this? Friend of yours?” Brad asked gesturing to Robin.
“Wha-?” Blonde began.
Robin jumped up and gave Blonde a side hug. “Oh, yes the best of friends.” He grinned.
Blonde grinned as well. “Ah yes, good friends.”
Then he muttered to Robin. “I hate you, you know that.”
“Well, I guess we have at least one thing in common, Blonde.” Robin muttered back before grinning at Brad and his friends.
“My name’s not Blonde.” Blonde muttered
“Are you ready for your parent’s banquet tonight? It’s supposed to be amazing, it’s for some charity thing.”
This caught Robin by surprise. Before Blonde or Robin could answer Brad continued. “Great! I’ll see you both there! Come on guys lets go.”
As soon as they were gone, Blonde threw Robin’s arm off of him. “Get off of me. Do you know what you just did?”
And for the first time Robin and Blonde agreed on something other than their hatred for each other. “I just got us into a ton of trouble.” Robin said.
“Do you even know what a charity banquet is? No of course you don’t. Do you have any suits in your house? Maybe some you stole?” Blonde ranted.
Robin got heated up. “I don’t steal for self-gain!” He replied hotly.
Blondie raised his hands in exasperation. “Come with me.” Blondie led Robin to the parking lot and to his car.
“Get in.” Blondie said.
“Wha- why?” Robin was surprised and confused.
“We need to get to my place as soon as possible. We need to clean you up.” Blondie said getting into his car.
Robin shrugged and got into Blondie’s car. “Sure whatever you say, Blondie.”
“For your information, my name is Arthur.” Arthur replied hotly getting into the car.
“I don’t care if your name is Mackerel, I’m calling you Blondie.” Robin replied.
Arthur started the car and drove off. They sat in silence. Robin looked around. The car was very nice. He ran his fingers over the window buttons. He hadn’t seen a car like this ever since-
“What kind of windows do you have in your car?” Arthur asked trying to start conversation.
“Crank downs.”
“What year?”
“A 99′, I’ve had her for three years.”
Robin saw Arthur nodded out of the corner of his eye. “Cool.”
“For someone rich, you seem to enjoy working with poor, disgusting people like me.” Robin spoke.
He glanced at Arthur.
“I wouldn’t say they are disgusting.” Arthur said. “They just don’t have immediate access to a shower. And yes, I do enjoy working with the poor.” Then the conversation ended.
They pulled into the driveway. “Okay, now we need to get inside without being seen.” Arthur said.
Robin got out and walked to the door, not caring if anyone saw him walk into Arthur’s house. Arthur came up to the door, unlocked it quickly and jumped inside.
“Alright, now you go upstairs and take a bath, I will get some suits for you to try on.” Arthur said.
“Why are we going through with this? Why can’t we just say that I got sick.” Robin asked.
“Because they will inquire of where you live, so they can pay you a sick visit. Believe me, whenever I got sick and I told someone I was getting people visiting me all week.” Arthur replied.
Robin nodded. “Okay, that’s reasonable.”
Robin walked up stairs to the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out Arthur had laid out five suits.”You need to try each one on to see how they fit.” Arthur said. Robin sighed. “Listen,” Arthur said, “this is going to save both our hides. If they find out the truth, you will be arrested and my family name will be tarnished.”
Robin grabbed a suit and went to try it on. They tried each one on till they settled the fourth suit, a black suit with a red tie. Arthur combed Robin’s hair to the side.
“Alright,” Arthur said, “now you need to know the proper etiquette when talking to a wealthy man. You hold your hand out tilted down, palm face up, make sure that they feel like they have the power.”
Robin nodded. Arthur continued talking about this and that, what to do in this situation, and that situation. Robin dazed off and thought about Marian. “I should talk to her sometime.” Robin thought. “Actually introduce myself.” He sighed. “I could stare into her eyes all day.”
“Are you listening to me?” Robin snapped back to reality. Arthur was staring at him.
“Oh, yes, yes, please continue explaining your difficult lifestyle.” Robin waved his hand. Arthur continued until it was time for them to go.
They walked over to Arthur’s parent’s house. “Don’t embarrass me.” Arthur whispered, then he smiled when he saw the Handlers.
Robin sighed and rolled his eyes. Robin hovered and watched Arthur talk to various different people. “So, Arthur how has golfing been?” Robin turned and saw Arthur speaking to an old woman.
“Well, very well.” Arthur replied.
The old lady left and Brad came up to Arthur. “Hey are you available tomorrow night?”
Robin watched Arthur, he panicked, Arthur’s face turned white and he stuttered. “No, I have-uh work. I work late that night.”
Robin frowned. “He doesn’t own any golf clubs, why is he so jumpy?” Robin thought.
Then the bell rang for dinner. Robin and Arthur sat next to each other. “Damn it, we didn’t go through silverware.” Arthur muttered to Robin.
Robin sat down and a salad was given to him. Robin waited. Once Mr. Pendragon took a bite, Robin picked up a salad fork and ate his salad. Soon champagne came, Robin lifted up his Champagne glass and asked the waiter to pour him some champagne.
Robin took a sip and looked a Arthur who stared at him wide-eyed. “Close your mouth Blondie before a fly flies in.” Robin said and he continued to eat with ease.
Robin turned and saw Mrs. Pendragon sitting across from him. “What charity are you giving to?” He inquired.
“Oh, we are giving to only the best of charities, not every charity deserves our money.” Mrs. Pendragon said. “In fact that reminds me of when Arthur was younger, when he was fifteen he wanted to volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, can you believe that? He wanted to work downtown with all the stinky, thieving people.” At this Mrs. Pendragon shuddered. Robin smiled, but clenched his fists underneath the table. Mrs. Pendragon continued. “We said of course not, we don’t want to be associated with that, the Pendragons have always been aloof from dirty work, that was the end of that.”
Robin nodded and smiled, but inside he was burning up. It was the job of the rich to help take care of the poor, this “charity ball” was only a loophole to keep their money.
When the Charity Ball was over and Arthur and Robin headed home. Robin was glad to get out that mansion full of arrogant, selfish snobs. “Hey, hey! Wait up!” Robin turned around to see Arthur running to catch up to him. “How did you know how to do all of that?”
“Do what?” Robin replied slightly irritated.
Arthur was to amazed to notice. “Which fork to use for this or that dish. And you knew the etiquette of eating.”
Robin continued on. He heard Arthur cry out behind him. “Please tell me I am impressed.”
Robin spun around. “Why? Because I am poor, you automatically think that I have had no experience with fancier eating?” Robin was angry, very angry.
“Well yes, most people who aren’t rich haven’t had experience with fancier eating.” Arthur replied looking very put out.
“Well, maybe I learned how to. Maybe I read a book.” Robin replied hotly.
“Was it a book you stole, Thief?” Arthur shot back.
Now Robin was offended. “Thief? What about you liar? At least I’m honest about stealing. You lie to your friends and family that you work in a homeless shelter!”
With that Robin and Arthur angrily parted ways. Robin stomped off and went back to Sherwood. When he got his house he slammed his door and collapsed onto his bed and lay there for hours angrily pondering what had happened that evening.

Liars and Thieves: Chapter 4 (Arthur)

Arthur groaned and sat up in bed. After sighing and rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he looked at his clock. Arthur gasped and jumped out of bed. Today was Sunday and his parents were expecting him for Sunday Brunch.
Arthur scrambled around his room to get ready, he quickly showered, dressed and hastily combed his hair down. He looked at his reflection in the mirror wondering what he should do about his bruises. But after looking at his watch Arthur ran downstairs and out the door.
Arthur’s parents lived two doors down from him in a large mansion. Arthur walked up the steps to the porch and rang the door bell. A few moments later the door was answered by the Butler. Arthur stepped into and nodded to the butler.
The room Arthur was in was like a ball room. The walls were a royal red with white borders, the floor was a white marble and around the room were white columns making the room feel like a large atrium. In the center of the room was a fountain, when Arthur was young sometimes he played in the fountain like it was a small pool. Just behind the fountain was a grand staircase leading majestically to the second floor. Arthur looked up and saw a large, elaborate crystal chandelier, that shone its light across the first and second floors. It was here that Arthur’s parents usually entertained their party guests.

Arthur walked to the Dining Room where his parents were. The dining room, as well may be expected, was also large and grand. There was a long rectangular table made of a slightly reddish mahogany, and another, though not quite as elaborate, crystal chandelier hanging above it.

“Ah! There’s my Sweetums!” Arthur found him self engulfed in a tight hug. “I’m so happy you could make it today.” Mrs. Pendragon, exclaimed.
Arthur hugged his mother back. “Hi Mom.” Arthur replied.
A man in a fancy suit came up and slapped Arthur on the back. “Hey sport! How are you doing? How’s work been?” Mr. Pendragon asked smiling.
Arthur smiled back. “Good, I took a look at our profit charts, our sales went up about ten percent.” As soon as he said that, Arthur remembered the man named Robin. He had demanded ten percent of his money. Arthur frowned. “Why ten percent? Why not everything?” Arthur thought.
“What’s the matter Jellybuns?” Arthur’s Mother asked. Arthur snapped back to reality.
“Nothing, Mother. Just thinking. Hey what’s for breakfast?” He asked changing the subject.
“All your favorites!” Mrs. Pendragon said happily gesturing to the table. “Doughnuts, cinnamon buns, eggs, coffee, and… Raisin Bran.” Arthur’s mother wasn’t the biggest fan of Raisin Bran.
Arthur sat down and began to eat a bowl of Raisin Bran. “Sales went up ten percent? That’s impressive.” Mr. Pendragon said.
“Your product was a success. We could have some potential buyers.” Arthur replied.
Suddenly Mrs. Pendragon shrieked. Arthur and his father looked at her. Mrs. Pendragon was running over to Arthur. “Oh my goodness, what happened to you? You have bandages and bruises all over you!”
“Oh, it’s alright Mom. I just had a fight in a pub, Friday night.” Arthur said trying to dismiss the problem.
Mrs. Pendragon began to kiss all his band-aids as if he were a six year old. “Mom, Mom!” Arthur exclaimed. “Please stop.” Mrs. Pendragon sighed, patted Arthur’s head, then sat down.
Arthur looked at his watch, it was eleven thirty. He needed to go down to the shelter at twelve. He had to figure out an excuse to leave. “Hey, listen I have to go-“
“So soon?” Mr. Pendragon asked.
“But it’s not even noon yet.” Mrs. Pendragon said sadly.

“Yes, I know, I have to go and do a little extra work from accounting.” Arthur said. Arthur stood and left.

When Arthur arrived at the Shelter, lunch was just starting. Arthur put on an apron and began to serve mashed potatoes.
“Hope you enjoy your food Jack and you’ll do great at that interview!.” Arthur said encouragingly to a man as he scooped a pile of mashed potatoes on his plate.
Jack smiled back. “Thank you Arthur, you always know how to be encouraging.”
“You’re welcome.” Arthur said. Jack moved on and Arthur turned around to start another pot of coffee.
“Can I please have some of the mashed potatoes?” A voice asked. Arthur froze, he knew that voice. He whipped around and there he was, Robin, the man who broke into his house a few days ago.
Arthur’s eyes widened with shock, as did Robin’s. “It’s you!” Arthur exclaimed.
Robin dropped his tray and began to run. Arthur ran out after him. “Come back here you!” He exclaimed angrily.
Arthur ran after Robin. He watched slightly impressed as Robin jumped over the hood over a car, the driver stopping in shock, trying to figure out what had just happened.
Arthur ran even faster, and was soon gaining on Robin. Arthur saw Robin look back and see Arthur catching up to him. Arthur reached out and grabbed Robin by the arm. To Arthur’s surprise Robin broke out of Arthur’s arm lock.
Suddenly Arthur found himself on the sidewalk. Arthur got up stood there panting.
“How do you keep catching up to me?” Robin asked out of breath.
“Three year winner of The 50k Marathon. How do you keep beating me up?” Arthur replied.
Robin panted and raised a hand. “Martial Arts, five years.”
“What did you do with my stuff?” Arthur demanded.
“I sold it.” Robin said straightening up.
“What?” Arthur cried.
Robin shook his head. “Typical. Rich people only care about their stuff.”
“What? I don’t just care about my stuff. You took stuff that I had to earn money for.” Arthur yelled.
Robin laughed. “Earn money? Ha! You don’t earn money, it’s given to you.”
Arthur watched Robin turn and walk away. Arthur stared angrily after him, then he had an idea. He was going to follow him and see where he lived.
Arthur ran back to his car and drove after Robin. Arthur followed Robin to the Sherwood neighborhood, he saw Robin enter a small and dinky looking house and close the door. Arthur made a note of the address, turned around and left.
Arthur drove up to his house and parked in the drive way. He got out and headed to his porch when he saw Gwen walking down the street again. “Good afternoon Gwen.” Arthur called.
Gwen smiled. “Good afternoon Arthur.”
Arthur asked. “How have you been?”
“Very well, thank you.” Gwen smiled.
There was a awkward silence. Gwen looked at the ground, then looked at Arthur. “This is your chance, ask her out!” Arthur thought to himself. “Gwen?” He said.
Gwen perked up. “Yes?” She replied looking up eagerly at him.
“Well, would you like to out on a-“
“On a date?” Gwen finished.
Arthur was surprised. “Uh, yes.”
Gwen grinned. “Oh, yes! I would love to.”
“I’ll pick you at six.” Arthur said. Gwen nodded walked to her house looking like she was restraining herself from jumping up and down.
Arthur went inside. “Did I just ask Gwen out?” Arthur asked himself. Arthur grinned as the realization of what happened completely dawned on him. “I better get ready.” He said to himself.
Arthur ran upstairs and eagerly began to prepare himself for the evening. He took a hot shower, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair to the side. Arthur pushed open the doors to his closet and picked out a suit and tie.
Then Arthur ran downstairs, picked up his phone and dialed a number. “Hello?” Arthur said once someone picked up the phone. “I would like to reserve a table for two please, preferably a window seat next to the river. The name? Arthur Pendragon. Yes, thank you very much.”
“I need something for when we come back here. I need to go to the store.” Arthur drove to the store and bought a bottle of champagne, some chocolates and rented a chick flick. When he came back it was five forty-five. Arthur went upstairs and put on his suit. He stood in front of his closet mirror to tie his tie. As was he tying his tie he heard a voice.
“Nice tie. Where’d you get that? Men’s warehouse?”
Arthur’s eye twitched. He turned around and saw Robin sitting on Arthur’s bed. “Damn it! Haven’t you ever heard of privacy?”
Robin nodded. “Oh, sure privacy, like when you followed me home, that wasn’t an invasion of privacy.”
“What do you want?” Arthur demanded.
“I want to know why you followed me to my home.” Robin answered opening the bottle of champagne Arthur just bought and poured himself a glass into a champagne glass.
Arthur clenched his hands into fists. “Get out!” He yelled.
Robin took a sip. “No.” He calmly replied. “Not until I find out why you followed me home.”
“Give me one good reason I shouldn’t report you to the police!” Arthur said jabbing a finger in Robin’s direction.
Robin thought for a moment. “Because, secretly you admire me.”
“Ha ha very funny.” Arthur retorted. “Stop mocking me.”
“Tell me why and then I will leave.” Robin replied.
Arthur looked at his watch, it was almost six, he didn’t have time for this. “Fine, I followed you home, so I could know where you lived that way if I ever needed to report you to the police I could.”
For a moment Arthur thought that with this answer Robin wouldn’t leave, but true to his word, Robin stood and left. As he passed Arthur he looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a cocky smile. “Nice champagne.” He said, then he was gone.
Arthur shook his head,and brought the bottle downstairs. “I hope there’s still enough for Gwen and me.” He thought as he placed the bottle in the fridge.
Arthur grabbed his wallet and keys and walked out to Gwen’s house. He knocked on Gwen’s door, when she opened it Arthur’s mouth dropped. She wore a beautiful red sparkling dress, half of her wavy brown hair trickling down her slim body, the other half in a bun, and her sparkling blue eyes dazzling Arthur.
“Wow.” Was all Arthur could say. Gwen blushed. Arthur recovered himself. “Shall we leave?” He asked gesturing to his car.
“Yes, thank you.” Gwen said. Arthur opened the car door for her and she got in. Arthur got in and drove off to the restaurant.
The restaurant they were to was a sophisticated restaurant located on the river that the city was on, it was called Shay On Re. They stepped inside and a waiter came up to them. “And what is the name of the reservation?” The waiter said snobbishly.
“Arthur Pendragon.” Arthur replied in a cool air.
Instantly the whole demeanor of the waiter changed. “Arthur Pendragon? Oh! Let me get you right to your table.” The waiter showed them to a beautiful table right next to a window which looked over the river.
“Wow,” Gwen said, “your dad is very well known here.”
Arthur shrugged. “He takes clients here often.”
“What does your father do?” Gwen asked.
“Well, he sells products. A client comes up to him with a product idea, my father and the client agree on a payment split, and my father gets the product made and sold. Then the money that gets made he splits with the client.” Arthur replied.
“Interesting. What do you do?” Gwen asked.
“I am an accountant, I do the numbers, you know stuff like that.” Arthur replied.
“Don’t you have to go to collage for that?”
“Yes, I did. I went to collage and earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. I graduated this past school year.” Arthur replied.
“Oh, well congratulations.” Gwen said nodding her head. “Has your accounting job been everything you dreamed it’d be?”
“Almost,” Arthur replied, “the other accountants aren’t exactly the friendliest people.”
The waiter came by for their orders. They ate lobster in a delicious clam sauce. When they were done Arthur invited Gwen back to his house for champagne and a movie. Gwen agreed so they went back to Arthur’s house.
Arthur and Gwen sat on his couch and watched the movie. In the middle, Arthur tried to find the popcorn bowl, but instead he found Gwen’s hand. “Oh, sorry.” He apologized. “I was trying to find the popcorn bowl.”
Gwen didn’t say anything, she just took his hand and held it. Gwen laughed at something in the movie while Arthur stared down at his hand intertwined with Gwen’s, the girl whom he had a crush since he first saw her at Private School, he finally was now holding hands with her. Arthur sat back smiling and caressing Gwen’s hand.

One Month Mark!

Hey guess what tomorrow is? It’s the one month mark of me publishing chapters of Liars and Thieves! I hope you all have enjoyed reading the story so far.Yesterday I finished reading it to two of my brothers. If you ask them they will tell you that they loved it. I enjoyed reading it, I know that it needs some serious editing, some parts just make me gag, other sentences just make pause in confusion and say. “What was I trying to say?”

These past three, soon to be four, weeks have been fun. I do my editing on Tuesday, so I don’t really have time for anything else. Except today I started early, so I got down about the time I would have started it normally. It’s been fun going through my book again, and explaining things that needed explaining, pulling out repetitive words, and rewriting useless sentences.

Let me know what you think of my book so far and come back tomorrow morning for the next installment of Liars and Thieves!

Liars and Thieves: Chapter 3 (Robin)

His fist flew up into the blond man’s chin, judging by the fact that the blonde’s eyes rolled back into his head, Robin could tell that he knocked him out. Robin turned to run, then looked back at the body of the blonde haired man. Robin sighed, picked up the man and carried him back to where the blonde lived. He may be a thief, but he was still human, he couldn’t just leave this man lying on the sidewalk.
Robin carried the blonde to his room and laid him on his bed. Robin tended to the man cuts and bruises, by putting band-aids on his cuts and putting ice on his bruises. After about a half hour Robin stood to go, he looked at the man. The blond haired man looked better than he did a half hour ago. Robin headed downstairs and left the house.
Robin walked to the end of the street and turned left. He walked down this road passing fancy decorated streets, till he got to a busy street called Geteilt. On the other side of the street was a sign with the paint peeling off, it said, “Sherwood Government Housing District”. The Avalon and Sherwood neighborhoods were actually within walking distance, and this one street divided the two worlds. Robin and his friends used a car so as to not arouse suspicion and to quickly escape their victims in case they were caught, just like tonight.
Robin crossed the street and went home. When Robin entered his house, he found all his friends were waiting for him. “Robin!” Much cried out, “you’re safe!”
Robin smiled. “Yes I’m fine.” Robin walked on to the bathroom, he looked at his reflection. Blood had dried on his chin, his stomach was sore, and his cheek was bruised. Robin turned on the sink and washed his face.
“What happened? After we drove away we didn’t know if you were going to make it.” Will asked. Will had brown hair, brown eyes and a mustache that he treasured. He loved to make noise, he loved his slender pipe and a good game of poker.
“I fought him.” Robin replied before going to his ugly fridge and pull out a ice pack. “He caught up to me and pulled me down with him. We had a round, I punched him in the head and knocked him out cold. I carried him back to his house, tended to his cuts and bruises then came back.”
Robin sank down on the couch, pressing the ice pack to his head now, and sighed. “What’s tomorrow again?” He asked looking up at his friends.
“Saturday. It’s homework day.” Allen replied.
“Right, thank you.” Robin said. Robin sat there for a moment, then stood. “I’m going to bed.” He said. Robin went to his room and fell fast asleep.
The next morning Robin woke up and went to his living room to prepare for Homework Day. Each Saturday all the kids in the neighborhood came to his house and Robin helped them with their homework. Robin felt that getting ahead in school was extremely important, if the children got a good education perhaps they would be able to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.
They were of all ages from the kindergartner needing help with his ABC’s to the high-school teen needing help with geometry. Robin was used to these wide ranges of age. He’d start by helping the kindergarteners and then gave a short lesson on what the high-schoolers were learning that week.
Not long after Robin had finished his breakfast kids began to pile into his small dingy living room, all eager to learn. All was going well, Robin was in the middle of teaching his lesson when one of the kids spoke up.
“Ugh! Why do we have to learn the stupid lesson all over again?” The room suddenly became quiet. Robin turned from his medium sized dry-erase board. All the kids looked over to a young teen boy who was lounging on the couch.
No one dared to be disrespectful towards Robin. He was Sherwood’s protector. He saved them from starvation, he saved them from being thrown into the streets, he deserved the utmost respect. “Excuse me?” Robin said.
The teenage boy sighed exasperatedly and repeated his question. “Why do we have to learn this all over again? We already learned it in school.”
Robin walked up to the boy. “What’s your name?”
“Jack Featherton.” Jack replied not at all fazed by Robin’s threatening stare.
“Alright, Jack, let’s have you do a pop quiz. Answer this question.” Robin went to the white board and wrote down a complicate algebraic equation. He turned and handed the marker to Jack. “Come on, don’t be shy.”
Jack got up and stared at the whiteboard. Robin stood next to him. “Come on, you said you learned it in school, now solve.”
A minute passed and Jack sighed and put down the marker, he started to walk back to his seat, when Robin spoke up. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Back to my seat?” Jack replied.
“You’re giving up that easily?” Robin asked.
Jack shrugged. “I can’t solve the problem.”
“And why not?”
“I-I can’t remember how to solve it.”
Robin put his arm around Jack and spoke to the rest of the room.”You see, you learn the concept in school, but then in all of your other subject you have, it gets lost. And so, Jack, the reason why I teach you the same lesson again is so you can remember again.” Looking at Jack he said, “most of the kids who have been coming here have seen an increase in their grades. Is that correct?” He asked everyone.
Everyone except Jack, nodded vigorously. One girl raised her hand. “I have a A in math!” Several others smiled and nodded.
Robin turned to Jack and said. “You are the future, use the future well.”
After class ended, Robin cleaned his living room. Afterward Robin walked down Geteilt Street. Today he had a interview for a job. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for what he needed. It was a cafe that lived on Geteilt Street. It was small, but loved by the locals. Near the entrance to the parking lot was a sign that said “Geteilt Cafe”, but usually people called it The Cafe.
Robin walked up the stairs and pushed open the door. The sweet aroma of coffee met his nose. The inside was just as small as was the outside. Robin looked around and saw that the majority of the costumers were collage students studying hard.
Robin went to the cash register. “Can I help you honey?” A curly blonde waitress asked in a southern accent.
“Yes, I’m here for an interview with Scott Hankerdon.” Robin replied.
“Ahh, yes. Just one moment sweetheart.” She turned and left to go to the back.
Robin waited for five minutes, before she came back with a man, who Robin assumed was Scott Hankerdon. Robin held out his hand. “I’m Robin Locksley, I’m here for the interview.” He said politely.
“Scott Hankerdon, yes, Robin! Come in!” Scott Hankerdon said.
Robin was led into a office. Robin sat down, in a chair in front of a desk. Scott sat behind the desk. “Alright, Robin, your application says that you have committed a felony, breaking and entering-.”
Robin nodded. “Yes, I have.”
Scott shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I don’t really hire people who have committed felonies.”
“Please Mr. Hankerdon, I understand that you are afraid that I will rob from you, but I swear I will not steal from you, and if you don’t believe me, then have me as a waiter and watch me till you can trust me.” Robin was close to begging on his knees, he needed a job.
Scott thought for a moment, then shook his head. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t hire you. It’s too risky I thought I see you and talk to you and see if maybe I’d take the chance, but also you are from Sherwood Government Housing District. For all I know you could be a bum, drug dealer, or something like that.” Scott said eying Robin’s black hoodie.
Robin sighed. “I understand.” He replied. Robin stood and held his hand out to shake Scott’s. “Thank you for your time, and thank you for interviewing me.” Robin said shaking Scott’s hand. “Have a good day.”
Scott nodded. “Thank you, you have a good day as well.”

Robin left the cafe in low spirits. He was running low on money. But Robin shifted his thoughts, he needed to worry about the people that he took care of, they were the ones in real need, he could worry about himself later.

Liars and Thieves: Chapter 2 (Arthur)

Streaming through the window, reflecting off of the sliding mirror door, the sun shined into the face of Arthur Pendragon, a young man of twenty-two. He sat up in bed, his blonde hair all awry, his blue eyes blinking away sleepiness. Arthur climbed out of bed and crossed his room to the sliding mirror door. He opened it and pulled out a button down shirt and jeans.
After changing, Arthur went downstairs into his small kitchen. The walls were painted a robin egg blue, and the counter tops a smooth stone black. His proud shiny silver fridge stood tall, boasting of the newest technological advances in refrigeration. Arthur opened his dark cherry wood cupboards and pulled out a bowl and his favorite cereal, Raisin Bran. He sat down at his dark mahogany kitchen table and began to eat.
After he had finished two bites, the doorbell rang. Arthur rose and went to answer the door. He walked through his living room, which had dark wooden walls, to his right there was a black leather couch facing a flat-screen TV, which was mounted above a white marble fireplace, below it was a gray oval carpet. To his left there was a shelf full of liquor, next to that was a table for mixing drinks and serving them, and finally there were two bookshelves full of books.
Arthur opened a dark wooden door with a glass window, and behind it was a woman.
“Oh Arthur, my sweetie.” The woman cried happily.
“Hi, what are you doing here?” Arthur asked with a fake smile on his face.
“I just wanted to see my pookibuns.”
“Mom, you know I don’t like to be called that.” Arthur said slightly irritated.
“Oh shush. Well aren’t you going to let your mother in?” Mrs. Pendragon asked.
“Actually I have to go. I’m…going to the doctor.” Arthur said.
“Oh my, anything serious?” Mrs. Pendragon asked looking worried.
“No, no just for a check up.” Arthur said before reaching inside and grabbing his keys and wallet. “I’ll see you later.”
“Yes, I’ll see you at Sunday’s brunch!” Mrs. Pendragon said.
Arthur jumped into his car and drove off. Arthur lived in the Avalon neighborhood, his house being one of the smallest in the area. The street was covered with trees, few being beautiful cherry blossoms.
Instead of going to the doctor, Arthur drove downtown to a homeless shelter. For seven years Arthur had worked at this shelter downtown, he loved helping the people who were less fortunate than him. Even when he was a kid, he protected the nerds from the bullies.
Arthur parked in the parking lot for the homeless shelter and walked inside. Inside there was a older homeless man, about the age of forty, trying on shoes with the help of a volunteer. “Jeremy! How are you?” Arthur asked happily.
Jeremy wore a red coat and had graying hair. He had dark skin that was just beginning to wrinkle and he had dark green eyes that seemed to stare deep into your soul. He smiled at his young friend. “I’m okay. Need some new shoes.” Jeremy replied. He was a friend of Arthur’s and had been coming to the shelter for as long as Arthur could remember.
“Would you like some help?” Arthur asked.
“Sure.” Jeremy answered.
For the next hour, Arthur, the volunteer and Jeremy looked for shoes. Finally they settled on a pair of sneakers that fit him. “Thank you Arthur, you are so kind.” Jeremy said.
Arthur smiled. “No problem, it’s what friends do right?”
The rest of the day passed somewhat slowly. Most of the people weren’t there that day, they were out trying for jobs, at least that’s what Arthur hoped.
At five Arthur came home and got out of his car. He was about to go inside his home when he stopped. Walking down the street was a young woman. Arthur smiled, it was Gwen, his next door neighbor, and the girl he’d had a crush on since private school. However, he never had the nerve to ask her out.
Gwen looked up and waved. “Hi Arthur, how are you?”
Arthur panicked, she was talking to him. “Oh yes! Hi, I’m fine how are you?” He replied quickly, mushing the words together.
Gwen giggled. “I’m fine, how has your day been?”
“I just came back from a check up.” Arthur replied sticking to his story.
“Oh, is everything alright?” Gwen asked.
Arthur nodded. “Fit as a fiddle.”
Gwen smiled. “Well I have to go. I’ll talk to you later Arthur.” Then she walked into her house and closed the door.
That night, Arthur lay in bed checking his Facebook on his Iphone. He was scrolling through when he saw this status: “Just discovered we were robbed! How did it happen? We didn’t hear anything!” Alexandria Handler had posted this.
Arthur frowned. Quite a few of the houses in the Avalon neighborhood were being robbed lately. “I should go and lock my door.” Arthur said to himself. He went downstairs and locked up his windows and doors.
Then he lay in his bed and thought. It was tough being him. No one could discover his dark and humiliating secret. When Arthur was fifteen he wanted to go and work in a homeless shelter to help the poor-
Before Arthur could continue his thoughts he heard a window shatter. Arthur shot up, then quietly walked down the stairs.
He heard whispering voices. “He doesn’t have anything!” One whispered.
“Yes he does,” another voice whispered. “He has this MP3 player, Walker 300 limited edition.”
Being careful to stay out of sight, Arthur walked quietly down the stairs somemore, then he got a view of the people who were in his house. There were five men, their leader was dressed in a black hoodie,
“Quiet, I heard something.” The leader said. The leader spun around. Arthur ducked behind the wall, but he knew he was found. The leader came over to the stairs, and Arthur punched him in the face. The leader stumbled back.
“Robin!” One man cried, he was a blonde haired man with his hair in a pony tail and glasses. The man named Robin waved him back and looked at Arthur.
Arthur pulled a sword out from the shield that hung on the wall near the staircase. “What do you want?” Arthur demanded.
“We want ten percent of your money.” Robin replied.
“What? Are you like the IRS?” Arthur retorted sarcastically.
Arthur saw Robin move towards him, Arthur swung his sword flat side towards him, but his hand rebounded when Robin smacked Arthur’s sword hand away from him. Arthur felt himself collide with the wall and pinned there.
“Run!” Arthur heard Robin cry to his fellow thieves. Robin punched Arthur and then followed his companions out the broken window. Arthur quickly jumped up and followed them. “Come back here you!” He yelled.
Arthur chased them down the street. He saw Robin glance back. “Go! Go! Go!” Robin urged hysterically. Arthur caught up to Robin, grabbed him and pulled him to the ground. Arthur saw the hooded man’s friends run on, jump into a rusty car and speed away.
Suddenly Arthur found himself punched twice in the face and then kicked into a hedge behind him. He climbed out and saw Robin standing in a fighting stance, blood was trickling out of his mouth. “Come on,” he said, “fight me.” He twitched two fingers towards him self.
Arthur put his fists up. Robin threw a swing, Arthur easily dodged it. Arthur threw two punches to Robin’s stomach. Robin took the opportunity to give Arthur an uppercut. Arthur’s eyes flashed white, then black.
When Arthur woke up he was in his bedroom, with band aids on his cuts. Arthur went into his master bathroom and saw his reflection in the mirror. His right eye was bruised and he had a few cuts on his face and arms.
The doorbell rang, Arthur walked gingerly down stairs, now he had a splitting headache. He opened the door. Four men stood there, they were Arthur’s society friends. Their names were Brad, Nathan, Josh, and Andrew
“Hey bro- gah! What the heck happened to you?” Brad asked.
“I got into a fight down at the pub.” Arthur said grimacing.
“Sheesh, some fight you had.” Brad said walking in.
“Wait, what you are doing?” Arthur said.
“It’s Movie Marathon Day remember?” Nathan replied.
Of course! How could he forget that today was Movie Marathon Day? Well it was something nice that he could do, that didn’t involve lying, or fighting. Arthur sat down on his couch and they began to watch Star Wars. All was going well, when Josh leaned towards him and whispered. “How did you get beat up?”
Arthur almost choked on his popcorn. How was he going to cover this up? “Um, well, I was a the bar and I was flirting with a girl-“
“Was she hot?”
“Yes,” Arthur replied. “Another guy came up and tried to flirt with her, but she liked me better, so he fought me. He was half drunk anyway.”
Josh nodded and continued to watch the movie. When the marathon was over, Arthur climbed the stairs up to his room, and collapsed onto his bed, glad to be alone.