You are fifteen going on sixteen!

Today I turned sixteen. It’s the morning of my birthday so I haven’t had a lot of time to be sixteen. I know that probably I’ll get hit in the head with a truck and say something like: “Oh my GOSH! I’m sixteen…wow…”

But at least for the moment I’m dimly aware of that feeling. I thought I’d write something on here about my birthday, after all what are blogs for?
This year is a big year for me, I turned sixteen, a driver’s license isn’t far behind, and I’m graduating this year. I will also fulfill a promise that I promised my younger siblings last year. I promised my little brother and little sister that once I got my license one of the first things I would do is take them to a fast food restaurant with a playground, right now I’m thinking Chick Fil a.
I’m excited to live out this day, and this year. With each year there are new possibilities, your world expands just a bit. 
And one final thing…EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
😉 have a great day, I am now going to go have a wicked awesome birthday! (Rock guitar)

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