Art/Writer’s itch

It’s almost 9 here and I’m dying to write something. So I’m going to write about my art. If you get bored, sorry you can leave.

This is a piece of work I recently finished. It’s a picture of various video game characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and one character I made up.

This is another picture that I made several months ago, I call it Earth Angel. Isn’t she beautiful? I think she is. I especially like how her feet turned out.

Wait? What’s that? Am I hearing a question of how do I make these pictures? Well it’s a secret! 😀 No, I’ll tell you.

I start by sketching out my picture. I do this in pencil, on paper. Then I ink it in. After that I take the picture and scan it into the computer and convert it to JPEG. Then I color the picture in on either Smoothdraw, or Photoshop, and finally I usually give it a gradient background, then voila! You have a digital picture.

It’s actually very time-consuming, especially if you are coloring in 23 different characters. But if you’ve got the time, and you’re good at drawing, go for it, because once you’re done, you have a awesome picture to show your friends on Facebook.

And now my writing hunger has been satisfied, thank you for reading this okay post. Have a good day, night where ever you are.


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