Art/Writer’s itch

It’s almost 9 here and I’m dying to write something. So I’m going to write about my art. If you get bored, sorry you can leave.

This is a piece of work I recently finished. It’s a picture of various video game characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and one character I made up.

This is another picture that I made several months ago, I call it Earth Angel. Isn’t she beautiful? I think she is. I especially like how her feet turned out.

Wait? What’s that? Am I hearing a question of how do I make these pictures? Well it’s a secret! 😀 No, I’ll tell you.

I start by sketching out my picture. I do this in pencil, on paper. Then I ink it in. After that I take the picture and scan it into the computer and convert it to JPEG. Then I color the picture in on either Smoothdraw, or Photoshop, and finally I usually give it a gradient background, then voila! You have a digital picture.

It’s actually very time-consuming, especially if you are coloring in 23 different characters. But if you’ve got the time, and you’re good at drawing, go for it, because once you’re done, you have a awesome picture to show your friends on Facebook.

And now my writing hunger has been satisfied, thank you for reading this okay post. Have a good day, night where ever you are.


Writers Block

It’s October 3rd and it’s not far until NaNoWrimo. In theory it’s all great, but I can’t think of a single stinking thing to write about!

I finished a story about a month ago and I have been letting it sit. It was a great story! It is about a man named Stin who is a evil ruler and he falls in love with a woman. That’s the really really short version.

Ever since then there has been this idea stuck in my head nagging me, annoying me non-stop, my gosh!
It’s about modern Robin Hood and King Arthur and their clashing ideologies. It sounds really fun and serious.

Last night I wrote a scene just so I could get it out. It was interesting, both of them were sitting in a cafe and started talking about helping the poor. Arthur challenged Robin’s way of helping others and it ended with them yelling and walking out of the cafe and driving away from each others.

I’m not sure what it would be about if I were to write it. But it’s been nagging me. Please make it stop! I want to write it (Sort of) but I don’t know what it would be about. I’d like to write it because it would be so much fun to pit Robin Hood against King Arthur.

I was inspired by two street signs, one was called Avalon, and the other Sherwood, I think they were right next to each other. When I saw those two street signs, the idea popped into my head.

But now it won’t leave! D:< (See it's an angry face.) I might as well write it. That's how my previous book started, there was an idea and it wouldn't leave my head.

I didn’t think I would be saying this, but thank you my dear faithful readers for listening. I am going to go and do dishes and start figuring out the plot for my next book.

Farewell, and write well!