Grandma B

Today 10 years ago my Grandma Ben-Ezra died. I was four at the time so sadly I have very few memories of her, and the ones I do have I cherish with all my heart. I don’t remember much of the news except that for a few days me and my siblings Isaac and Samuel stayed with the Lansberrys.

I had written her a letter to give to her when I saw her, all I remember of the letter was a smiley face I had drawn before signing my name. She never read it, but I but it in her coffin during the visiting hours.

One of the biggest memories I have cherished is animals crackers. When I was little Grandma would give me Barnum’s Animals crackers, it was in a little box with the string. Ever since then I have loved animal crackers because they remind me of her.

I also remember her garden, she had the most beautiful garden. There was a big pond flowers and I remember a little red bridge. She used to have a tree where there was bird seed scattered all over the ground.

Sometimes I am jealous of other children because they have Grandmothers and I have none. Sometimes I wonder what Grandma would think about my friends, my life, and my church.

Her sewing is another memory close to me. Although I don’t sew I enjoy her sewing. I have a blanket that she sewed for me and I use it every night.

I love to hear stories about her. Especially camping stories, whenever Grandma would go camping the Rangers would change the forecast to stormy because it always rained when she went camping. And it still rains when the Ben-Ezra’s go camping.

Even though I knew Grandma Linda Ben-Ezra for a short time, she still has touched my life in amazing ways.
Thank you Grandma. Thank you God.