The Summer I went to Wuhu Island Part 1

Once upon a time there was a girl who was bullied at school all the time, and there was no one to be her friend! Ahem, sorry for my outburst, but that girl was me, Kaitlin. I am seventeen and this is the story of my summer. My summer began on the last day of school. I was heading home from school.

“Hi Kitty, have a nice last day of school?” I turned sharply and there was girl leaning up against a brick wall.
Her arms were crossed and she had an evil grin on her face. She stood up, I gripped the straps of my backpack.”Ashley!” I replied. Ashley smiled. “I sure am going to miss you during the summer. Oh wait, we live in the same neighborhood.”

I heard a group of footsteps from behind me. I turned sharply to my left in an attempt to escape and cross the street, but someone grabbed my backpack. “Hello Redhead!” I turned and saw Ashley’s gang. Two people grabbed my arms.

“Let me go!” I screamed. But my protests and struggling were quickly put to rest when one of Ashley’s men punched me in the stomach. My lunch felt like it was going to come up. A screamed was strangled in my throat.

I struggled again, and was punched in the stomach again. A girl came forward and began to start slapping me  across the face. Each time I struggled I was dealt a more harsh blow. I don’t know how long I was beaten, but eventually I sank to the ground .  “Oh, here’s you glasses.” A boy threw them on the ground and stepped on them.

I laid on the ground for a minute or two. Then I began to slowly pick up my things. I picked up my glasses first and saw through my cracked vision. My books were thrown all over the place, their pages littered the sidewalk like an early snow. I picked up what I could and hurried back home.

When I got home I washed up and brushed out my red hair. I put it into a ponytail. I took my glasses and threw them in the trash. I went to a cupboard. The cupboard was filled with glasses. I took a black plastic rimmed pair.

“Kaitlin? Are you home? I need to talk to you.” That was Mom.

“Coming!” I said. I ran downstairs.

Mom is red-haired like me. Lots of people say I have her blue eyes. “Honey, I have a pleasant surprise!” She said. “Come sit in the living room.”

When we sat down, Mom burst open. “Do you remember your Uncle Dick? And Grandma Jane and Grandpa Greg?” I nodded. “Well, they asked if you wanted to spend the summer with them. Do you remember were they live?”

“Wuhu Island right?” I asked. “It’s an island in the Caribbean right?”

“Presicely. Well, I said that I thought you would love to but I would ask you. What do you think?” Mom sat there smiling.

I had never been to Wuhu Island.But I heard about it when Grandma and Grandpa came into town. If I went for the whole summer, I would be away from Ashley and I could have fun this summer instead of hiding in my house like I did almost every summer. I nod. “I would love to go!”


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