The Summer I went to Wuhu Island Part 2

“All aboard!”  I was at dock #3 with The Queen Peach. A beautiful cruise ship 246 feet long, it had a swimming pool, an excellent buffet, and first class cabin rooms.

I walked up the gangplank, the ship was going to be leaving for Wuhu Island! “Heave anchor!” I turned and waved to Mom. “Bye!” I called. “I’ll call when I get there!” There were lots of people waving and saying good bye. The ship slowly but surly chugged away from shore to the Caribbean.
A week passed, and I was just waking up when I heard. “Land ho!” I jumped up and ran up the railing. And there it was! Wuhu Island. I knew it from the postcards Grandma would send me during the holidays.
It was beautiful.All the way to my right I could see a long beach. Straight ahead was a dock that was in a town. I could see a volcano smoke drifting lazily out of the top. To my left there was a lighthouse and a windmill orchard. In the distance I could see a long waterfall. I just couldn’t wait for the boat to dock.
When The Queen Peach docked. I almost jumped across the gangplank.”Grandpa! Grandma! Uncle Dick!” I cried. An elderly man and woman stood on the dock. They wore straw hats and Hawaiian shirts. Next to them was a man about the age of thirty with sunglasses and a beard stubble.

“Kaitlin! It’s so good to see you again!” Grandma said hugging me. She smelled of coconut. “Was the boat good?” She asked. I nodded. “Oh good. The Queen Peach never fails to give good service to it’s passangers. Are you ready to go Grandpa and my home?”

“Yes.” I replied picking up my bags.

“Here let me help you.” Uncle Dick said. He picked up two of my suitcases. I followed him to a black SUV. Uncle Dick opened the back of the SUV and put my suitcases in. He turned and handed me the keys. “Want to drive?”

I smiled. Now I remembered why Uncle Dick was my favorite uncle. I took the keys and sat down in the driver’s seat. Grandpa and Grandma sat in the back. “Good gracious Dick, you’re letting her drive?” Grandma asked worriedly.

Grandma tended to worry about things like that. Uncle Dick looked at her over his sunglasses. “She’ll be fine Mom.” He nodded me on. I put the key into the ignition and started the SUV.

We drove through the town. It was small but people were everywhere. In the middle of the plaza there was a  fountain. I glanced over and saw two toddlers throwing coins into the fountain.
We headed out of the town and onto a dirt road. We came up to a cluster of  cabins.

“Stop here.” Uncle Dick said. I stopped in front of a colorful looking cabin. The foreground was pink, there were blue splotches all over the cabin.

I gave a short gasp. “I know isn’t it lovely?” Grandma said hopping out of the SUV.

“Yeah, lovely.” Uncle Dick said aloud then he looked at me and shook his and mouthed. “No.”

“Oh Dick we all know that you hate it.” Grandma said hauling some of my bags.

Uncle Dick and I got out. I handed him the keys back and took my last bag inside the cabin.

Inside the cabin was normal. It had four rooms. A kitchen, a living room with a dining room attached, Grandma and Grandpa’s room, and finally my room. “This is going to be your room for the summer.” Grandma said.

“We painted it blue because that’s what your mother said was your favorite color.” Grandpa said.
I looked around. There was a comfy bed and a desk on one wall. Next to the door was a bookshelf with a few books. And finally on the wall to the far left was a dresser. There was also a window facing the windmills.

I turned and looked at my grandparents. “Thank you. It’s beautiful.” I said. They smiled back.

“We’re going to leave you now to get settled in. Come out whenever you are ready.” Grandpa closed the door.

I put my clothes in the dresser. I pulled out a fluffy blue pillow and put it on the bed. The bed had a blue blanket with cherries all over it. I smiled, Grandma made this blanket for me. I loved it so much that I wanted  it to stay with her so I could use it when I visited her or when she visited me. It was the special blanket.

I turned and put a few books on the shelf. I placed my suitcases next to the bookshelf out of the way.
Then I walked out of my room into the dining room/living room.

Grandma walked out of the kitchen. “Oh are you ready already? Alright well tonight we are going to go to your Uncle’s Bowling Alley. We’re going to eat pizza there and then come back for apple pie.”

“You own a bowling alley?” I asked Uncle Dick. He nodded.

“You are lucky, tonight is the light show.” He said. “Oh, it’s not any normal light show. It’s different from everywhere else.”

“What’s different about it?” I asked.

Uncle Dick shook his head and smiled. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”


The Summer I went to Wuhu Island Part 1

Once upon a time there was a girl who was bullied at school all the time, and there was no one to be her friend! Ahem, sorry for my outburst, but that girl was me, Kaitlin. I am seventeen and this is the story of my summer. My summer began on the last day of school. I was heading home from school.

“Hi Kitty, have a nice last day of school?” I turned sharply and there was girl leaning up against a brick wall.
Her arms were crossed and she had an evil grin on her face. She stood up, I gripped the straps of my backpack.”Ashley!” I replied. Ashley smiled. “I sure am going to miss you during the summer. Oh wait, we live in the same neighborhood.”

I heard a group of footsteps from behind me. I turned sharply to my left in an attempt to escape and cross the street, but someone grabbed my backpack. “Hello Redhead!” I turned and saw Ashley’s gang. Two people grabbed my arms.

“Let me go!” I screamed. But my protests and struggling were quickly put to rest when one of Ashley’s men punched me in the stomach. My lunch felt like it was going to come up. A screamed was strangled in my throat.

I struggled again, and was punched in the stomach again. A girl came forward and began to start slapping me  across the face. Each time I struggled I was dealt a more harsh blow. I don’t know how long I was beaten, but eventually I sank to the ground .  “Oh, here’s you glasses.” A boy threw them on the ground and stepped on them.

I laid on the ground for a minute or two. Then I began to slowly pick up my things. I picked up my glasses first and saw through my cracked vision. My books were thrown all over the place, their pages littered the sidewalk like an early snow. I picked up what I could and hurried back home.

When I got home I washed up and brushed out my red hair. I put it into a ponytail. I took my glasses and threw them in the trash. I went to a cupboard. The cupboard was filled with glasses. I took a black plastic rimmed pair.

“Kaitlin? Are you home? I need to talk to you.” That was Mom.

“Coming!” I said. I ran downstairs.

Mom is red-haired like me. Lots of people say I have her blue eyes. “Honey, I have a pleasant surprise!” She said. “Come sit in the living room.”

When we sat down, Mom burst open. “Do you remember your Uncle Dick? And Grandma Jane and Grandpa Greg?” I nodded. “Well, they asked if you wanted to spend the summer with them. Do you remember were they live?”

“Wuhu Island right?” I asked. “It’s an island in the Caribbean right?”

“Presicely. Well, I said that I thought you would love to but I would ask you. What do you think?” Mom sat there smiling.

I had never been to Wuhu Island.But I heard about it when Grandma and Grandpa came into town. If I went for the whole summer, I would be away from Ashley and I could have fun this summer instead of hiding in my house like I did almost every summer. I nod. “I would love to go!”