So today, or technically yesterday according to the time right now, was thanksgiving. And I thought that I should write something before I went to bed.

Today, was the day our forefathers gave thanks to God for surviving the recent harsh winters, and their friendship with the Native Americans.
Today is known to be a day of giving thanks, or where we all stuff our selves with Grandma’s turkey stuffing. ¬†ūüôā And so I am going to give thanks by naming off some of the things I am grateful for:
 1. My parents
At my age teens are always fighting with their parents. They think that they don’t need Mom or Dad. They’re all grown up, they can take care of themselves. But that’s where they’re wrong, at my age it is vital that Mom and Dad are in the picture. If I didn’t have my Mom or Dad, I wouldn’t know where to go, what to do. I would end up making the worst mistakes of my life, mistakes that would scar me forever.¬†
God, I am thankful for my mother and my father, they are full of wisdom. Most people may see their parents as bossy jerks. But I see them as friends, and as guidance in the darker places where I don’t know where to put my feet.
2. My siblings
Yes, I do fight with my siblings now and then, and it may get ugly now and then. But I still love my siblings. Some of them maybe more obnoxious than others but they are my siblings and I love them. Someone asked me. “How do you live them?” and I said. “They’re my brothers.”
3. My little sister
When my mom was pregnant with her my friends were hoping it would be a girl, they said I was too tomboyish ūüôā and I needed a little sister. She is a little bundle of joy. (As well as a little bundle of trouble at times :D)
4. My church
I love my church, the people there are kind, understanding, and artistic. They love to find ways to be active in evangelism, and find ways to help the poor and needy, help the children, and help the homeless.
They love to find ways to make scripture feel more alive, than just words on a page. How to experience special seasons, like Lent, or Advent. They want to love people. And I love my church for that. They want to Love others.
5. My friends
I have few close friends, but I am thankful for them. Some of them I’ve had little bumps with, but we are not going to let that let us tear us apart.¬†
My close and dear friends whom I treasure most are:
and finally Mom.
I have other friends like Eric Vinsel, Charlie Dean, Mandy Kampen, Stephaine Ramquist, Jenny Vinsel, Katie Kruck, and others.
6. My family’s “wealth”
While we may not be rich, and may not be poor. We are well off, thanks to the Lord. We could be a lot poorer, but God has decided otherwise. And I am thankful that he has given us, beds, blankets, pillows, heat, water, electricity, and food. He and he alone has provided us with these things.
7. My country
Yes, while the politics may not be that great, I am glad for my country. We are much better off than most countries in the world. We have rights, even though some of those are being taken away, we are supposed to have them. We are allowed to worship the God we please. We Christians need not fear persecution.
8. My neighborhood
It may not be the best, but it is a great place. There are no neighbors who a fake smile at you when you go to work and then looks with disgust on your lawn, as it is one centimeter too long. People sit on their porches together, grilling steaks on their grills drinking a beer, while the kids run and play on the lawn.
Almost always when I pass by someone, there is a hello, or a smile, even the slightest nod of the head, all saying hello. 
9. My street
I love my street because it is named Orange street. And I am proud to live on Orange st.
10. My last and final thing that I am thankful for……
MY NEXUS 7!!!! My very own tablet! 
And now as you look upon what I have said. It may appear that I don’t have much, like a really nice house, in the suburbs. Or being able to travel to¬†Europe¬†every year. Being able to spend money as I please. Have all the friends in the world.
I look on this and I think that I am the richest girl in the world.