Triple-Dog-Dare dog food blend

Do you have a dog? Do they not like that nice bulk cheap dry dog food? Well give them this treat now and again and I’m sure that they’ll love you forever.  I call it the Triple-Dog-Dare dog food blend.
You need:

A carrot diced

(My dog LOVES carrots if you drop it on the floor don’t go for it she’ll hear and grab it. I’m not sure about this but she might bite if you try to take it)

Dry Dog food

(I did for the first time was put in cat food, but I didn’t know it was bad for dogs. So skip the cat food.)

 and Wet dog food.

Dice the carrot into decent bite-size pieces. Take the carrots, dry dog food and put them into your dog’s bowl and mix. Take the wet dog food, open the can and dump into bowl, mix thoroughly. This is optional but I would defiantly do this, get a dog multi-vitamin, crush it and mix it into your dogs food dish.

After all that call your dog and give them their treat. And watch them enjoy! 😀


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