A play

The curtain rises and our actors are on stage.
At first we don’t care about them.
But as the story progresses our heart goes out to them.

As our hero is on their quest
they pass many trials and tests.
As each scene ends we eagerly await for the next scene
wondering what our hero will do next.

Exposition and rising action are finished.
Now it is the climax of our tale.
No matter what the quest
will our hero pass this last test?

The audience is silent the tension is unbearable.
Will he succeed?
Will his terrible fate become his doom?

No! Our hero rises from the ashes and passes his test,
thus finishing his quest.

Climax and falling action.
Now resolution is next.

Our hero has won.
the trials all won,
the tests defeated.
And the quest is now done.

As the audience leaves the theatere that night
they will remember our hero who passed his test
and finished his quest.
As is with the story of the world. 


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