Practical things: Introduction

Hello, welcome to my first blog writing series. (except for maybe The adventures of Buster and I)

This series is called Practical things, and this is the introduction. I am going to lay out the subjects that we will be going over:

  1.  Light
  2. Tea vs. Coffee
  3. Books/stories
  4. Garden
  5. Pets
  6. and finally a poem about Love
I hope you enjoy my blog series Practical things.

Triple-Dog-Dare dog food blend

Do you have a dog? Do they not like that nice bulk cheap dry dog food? Well give them this treat now and again and I’m sure that they’ll love you forever.  I call it the Triple-Dog-Dare dog food blend.
You need:

A carrot diced

(My dog LOVES carrots if you drop it on the floor don’t go for it she’ll hear and grab it. I’m not sure about this but she might bite if you try to take it)

Dry Dog food

(I did for the first time was put in cat food, but I didn’t know it was bad for dogs. So skip the cat food.)

 and Wet dog food.

Dice the carrot into decent bite-size pieces. Take the carrots, dry dog food and put them into your dog’s bowl and mix. Take the wet dog food, open the can and dump into bowl, mix thoroughly. This is optional but I would defiantly do this, get a dog multi-vitamin, crush it and mix it into your dogs food dish.

After all that call your dog and give them their treat. And watch them enjoy! 😀

A scientific discovery

Today I have made a discovery. So when you heat up a pot with a lid on top the water boils, turns into a vapor and then rises, because as we all know, hot air rises. And after our water vapor rises it hits the lid and condenses, forming water droplets.

Now my hypothesis was that the water would rise and condense on the lid. But then just the same as water rises into the atmosphere, it would form into it’s own cloud and “rain” in the pot.

What I did was pick a nice cool pot and filled it up with cold water. I put it on the stove and turned the stove on. When the water boiled, the water started to evaporate, it rose to the lid and condensed.

But because of the domed shape of the lid, when the water droplets got heavier and heavier because of the water vapor condensing on top of droplets, instead of being pulled down into the pot as I was expecting. The water droplets were pulled down the sides of the lid and on to the bottom of the lid.

So when you lifted the lid and tilted it, the water that had been pulled down there falls out. If you have a slightly large lid covering the pot, the water gets pulled to the bottom of the pot and falls out of the pot.

So although my hypothesis didn’t turn out as I expected it now makes me wonder, why didn’t any clouds get
formed in my pot? Does the air need to rise any higher for actual clouds to form? And what about the atmosphere? The atmosphere is also domed so why doesn’t the water droplets slid to the south pole?

Well I gotta go now. But maybe I should look into those questions and find out why!


Almost everything is about dreams. 

If you are going to build something, you have to plan it out and that’s a dream.
Cooking something is a dream, you make something that you want to be tasty and you imagine what it’s going to taste like. 
Even the most scientific of things is based dreams. Being a scientist is all about dreams. You make look at it and think: “Well you have to use the scientific method and hypothesize. And do a bunch of test etc. etc.
Well what made you hypothesize? A question? Yes and no. It was a question inspired by a dream.
Everything has to do with dreams. Planning anything is based upon a dream. 
Everything starts with a dream and expands on from there.
Inspiration, thinking, hypothesizing, are all, ways of saying dream. 
Everything starts from a dream. When you are going to build something you ave a vision in your head that what the building looks like. And then you try to put that plan into action.
When you want to make a spring fair it starts by thinking, or dreaming, about it and then put that plan into action.
Even stories are begun by dreams. You envision the story and then you put it to paper like I am doing.
This post you are reading is started from a dream. I thought, dream, about it and then I put that in action.
The only thing that didn’t start by a dream was God. He is the creator of dreams. The first dream in recorded history is the creation of Earth, which was dreamed by God.
So this was just a thought I wanted to put out there into the world. Maybe you will read this, and if you do. Think about it.  Everything starts with a dream then expands from there. From large things to the smallest of things. Everything starts with a dream.

A play

The curtain rises and our actors are on stage.
At first we don’t care about them.
But as the story progresses our heart goes out to them.

As our hero is on their quest
they pass many trials and tests.
As each scene ends we eagerly await for the next scene
wondering what our hero will do next.

Exposition and rising action are finished.
Now it is the climax of our tale.
No matter what the quest
will our hero pass this last test?

The audience is silent the tension is unbearable.
Will he succeed?
Will his terrible fate become his doom?

No! Our hero rises from the ashes and passes his test,
thus finishing his quest.

Climax and falling action.
Now resolution is next.

Our hero has won.
the trials all won,
the tests defeated.
And the quest is now done.

As the audience leaves the theatere that night
they will remember our hero who passed his test
and finished his quest.
As is with the story of the world.