What’s one of the most horrible things that can happen in the night? Not falling asleep! Well there are other things but what I’m talking of is important.

The time I am writing this post is 1:00 AM. I can’t get to sleep. So I am making so stuff to eat and going to watch a movie or something in my room.

I hate not getting to sleep.You sit up all night not feeling tired. Today (or technically yesterday) I went to bed at 10 and it’s 1 in morning. That’s about 3 hours of not sleeping!

I decided to write this so this night could be remembered. There are only a few other times I haven’t slept that have been like this. I didn’t post them though.

So now it’s 1:10 AM and I am back in my room eating tapioca pudding, and drinking tea and nursing a steam burn. Steam burns. Honestly I’m wondering if Aden, my friend, is awake.

I have no idea how I’m going to get back to sleep. This really sucks.

….I’m sorry I’m ranting on the internet. But wouldn’t you rant about not being able to get to sleep if it was 1:13 in the morning and you couldn’t get to sleep?

You know I wish that all humans could have some sort of device that could help them get to sleep just like that. So that on nights like this I could push a button and then…sound asleep.

1:15 AM still writing about random things that have to do with sleeping.
1:16 AM Still writing random things that have to do with sleeping.

You know all night I have been hearing the same cricket do his song over and over and over again it’s really annoying. But crickets are also very pretty with their song.

1:17 AM talking about crickets, not cricket, but crickets.
1:18 and wondering if I should stop this post.

Well I am now going to post this on Facebook and say: This was what I was doing while you were all snoozing.

Sweet dreams lucky humans.



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