A Rainy Sunday

Good Morning World!

Where you live does it ever rain on Sunday? It barely rains on a Sunday in Peoria, IL. I don’t understand it. Even if it does rain it only rain for a few minutes. Which is cool. Because then we’re singing and it thunders. It’s kind of like God is joining us in with our singing by playing his drums.

It’s rained on a Sunday longer than a few minutes but it was a sprinkle. Oh wait! Once it rained pretty badly all Sunday.

So in my first church Providence Church for a time we met at a place called the Christian Center. Once it rained all Sunday and it was a fierce rain. It was so fierce that during the night it had flooded the main room that we, the church, would normally meet in.So we had move upstairs. It rained for the rest of the day.

I got to sit in the front and I was right next to the pastor. I had to look up in order to see him. It was really cool.

The Christian Center is a great place. It has a playground, batting cage, you can play soccer there. Inside they have a concession stand, bowling, an arcade, Billiards. It’s a great place. I enjoyed my time there with my Church Providence.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now!

Have a good day World!


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