What’s one of the most horrible things that can happen in the night? Not falling asleep! Well there are other things but what I’m talking of is important.

The time I am writing this post is 1:00 AM. I can’t get to sleep. So I am making so stuff to eat and going to watch a movie or something in my room.

I hate not getting to sleep.You sit up all night not feeling tired. Today (or technically yesterday) I went to bed at 10 and it’s 1 in morning. That’s about 3 hours of not sleeping!

I decided to write this so this night could be remembered. There are only a few other times I haven’t slept that have been like this. I didn’t post them though.

So now it’s 1:10 AM and I am back in my room eating tapioca pudding, and drinking tea and nursing a steam burn. Steam burns. Honestly I’m wondering if Aden, my friend, is awake.

I have no idea how I’m going to get back to sleep. This really sucks.

….I’m sorry I’m ranting on the internet. But wouldn’t you rant about not being able to get to sleep if it was 1:13 in the morning and you couldn’t get to sleep?

You know I wish that all humans could have some sort of device that could help them get to sleep just like that. So that on nights like this I could push a button and then…sound asleep.

1:15 AM still writing about random things that have to do with sleeping.
1:16 AM Still writing random things that have to do with sleeping.

You know all night I have been hearing the same cricket do his song over and over and over again it’s really annoying. But crickets are also very pretty with their song.

1:17 AM talking about crickets, not cricket, but crickets.
1:18 and wondering if I should stop this post.

Well I am now going to post this on Facebook and say: This was what I was doing while you were all snoozing.

Sweet dreams lucky humans.



The first snow

The first day of winter is here,
I eagerly await for the snow.
Whether it be a little or a lot 
either way,
it’s magic is there.
What is it about snow that enjoys children so?
Is it no school?
Or perhaps the cocoa?
Or maybe even the snowball fights and snowmen that have yet to be
To mothers it can be a curse. Keeping the children warm, or seeing the melted
snow tracked across their house.
But who can resist the beauty of the quiet, white snow.
Slowly falling to land on the ground among the other snowflakes.
Some say that magic isn’t real. 
But they are wrong, because every winter there is a white magic
that touches us all. 
Peppermint, chocolate, cocoa, fireplaces, family.
These all add to the magic of snow.
Not to mention Christmas too.
The sky above is white,
quietly raining down the soft winter beauty.
Everywhere is hush.
And when it snows on a Christmas Eve.
Magic even more than before 
comes alive 
in the beauty everywhere.
The lights,
The tree,
The cheer,
The family,
The joy that comes every Christmas.
All started by the first snow.
The first day of winter is here,
I eagerly await for the snow.
Whether it be a little or a lot 
either way,
it’s magic is there.
Some say that magic isn’t real. 
But they are wrong, because every winter there is a white magic
that touches us all. 

A Rainy Sunday

Good Morning World!

Where you live does it ever rain on Sunday? It barely rains on a Sunday in Peoria, IL. I don’t understand it. Even if it does rain it only rain for a few minutes. Which is cool. Because then we’re singing and it thunders. It’s kind of like God is joining us in with our singing by playing his drums.

It’s rained on a Sunday longer than a few minutes but it was a sprinkle. Oh wait! Once it rained pretty badly all Sunday.

So in my first church Providence Church for a time we met at a place called the Christian Center. Once it rained all Sunday and it was a fierce rain. It was so fierce that during the night it had flooded the main room that we, the church, would normally meet in.So we had move upstairs. It rained for the rest of the day.

I got to sit in the front and I was right next to the pastor. I had to look up in order to see him. It was really cool.

The Christian Center is a great place. It has a playground, batting cage, you can play soccer there. Inside they have a concession stand, bowling, an arcade, Billiards. It’s a great place. I enjoyed my time there with my Church Providence.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now!

Have a good day World!

The Adventures of I and Buster: The introduction of Marge

The holidays were over, and I went back to work. Buster was stuck at home for the entire week, except Fridays I was allowed to bring Buster in to work with me. So on Friday, January 6th. I brought Buster in.

When I came in, my co-workers pulled their doughnuts and coffee closer to them.
Like you saw in “The Doughnut Disaster” Buster has a liking for doughnuts. He has expressed that liking to my co-workers by consuming their doughnuts when they weren’t looking.

“Heh, heh. Good morning everyone.” I gulped as angry faces stared at me.
Okay I might as well admit it. I am not well liked at my job. I work at the advertising company, it has decent pay. But no one likes me, Buster is the reason why.

I sat down at my desk in my cubical. I pet Buster and got to work. A few minutes later someone said. “Hey is this your dog?” I turned.

I saw a young woman with red hair in a bob. She had thick, black, circular glasses, and she wore a tan skirt that went to her knees, a tan vest, and a light brown shirt. 

“Yes.” I said. “Where was he?” 

“In my cubical eating my doughnuts.” I winced.  “My name is Marge.” She said.

“Nice to meet you. My name is I and this is my dog Buster. I’m sorry. I’ll pay for some new dough-” 

“Oh don’t be. I adore dogs like yours and I gave him the rest of my doughnuts.” I was surprised. 

“Okay.” Was all I said.

“Well I gotta go. It was nice to meet you…I” She walked across the aisle. Finally I had someone who liked me at my job, and she worked right across from me. Buster liked her too he would wander over and sit next to her, and she would pet him.

During lunch break, Buster and I went to my car to get my lunch. A few seconds later Marge came out too. I headed to the local Dunkin’ Doughnuts. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw Marge following me. Then I drove into Dunkin’ Doughnuts……literally! I drove right into Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

I looked up and saw the cashier, she had her hands in the air. The manager came out. I saw his eyes widen, I locked my car doors. The manager turned. “Oh no! He’s going to plaster my car with doughnuts.” I thought.

But he packed a box and knocked on my window. “Hey, open up.” I slowly winded down my window.
“Thanks for crashing into my store. We were going to tear it down and renovate anyway. Now I don’t have too! And to express my thankfulness I am giving you 22 1 dozen boxes of doughnuts.”

I gasped. That was 264 doughnuts. The Manager started to pack up my car. When he had finished packing up my doughnuts I took it back to work.

I was going to leave the doughnuts in the car when I had a great idea. I brought the doughnuts into my work. All my co-workers stared at me.

“Ahem. To apologize for a certain canine consuming certain people’s pastries. I have brought 22 1 dozen boxes of doughnuts. Which means there are 264 doughnuts. Go ahead and take all the doughnuts you want!”

My co-workers were delighted and took the doughnuts. Now they like me. And I am now famous and am called…THE DOUGHNUT MAN!!!!!