The unnamed detective

It was a rainy night when she came in, looking like summer with the sun brightly shining and a whisper of wind in the air. Her hair was golden and her skin was pale. I didn’t know whether it was from her being scared or if it was her skin tone.

“What do you need miss?” I said sitting up. She sat down in the chair across from me with oh so much grace. “Well,” She said with a southern accent. “I don’t have any case but, my car broke down and I was a hoping you could help me out.” Well this was certainly startling. “Sure, I’ll help you.” She led me out into the rain, she showed me the wreck of her car. It was certainly a mess.

But my sixth sense was tingling. Something was wrong. Suddenly I grabbed the poor girl and pulled to the ground just a bullet went over our heads. In a second I pulled out my own revolver and cocked it. “Who ever is shooting, come out with your hands up.” In my head I kicked my self for what a lame line that was.

No answer. The streets suddenly all became dangerous again. Again you ask? Usually those bullets aren’t meant to hit you but to warn you. So the question was, who were they warning? Me? Or the girl?

I take the girl and hurry into my car. “Why can’t we go back to your business room?” She asked.
“If we do that then we’ll be surrounded and there will be no way out.

I drive while the girl wrings her hands. “What’s your name?” I ask. “Summer, Summer Breeze.”
I chuckle a little when she says her name. “What’s yours?” She said. That’s when I get lost.

My name? My family? My childhood? The information that she asks for is hidden from me. While other’s have a name, family, and a childhood. And when they’re adults they remember that all. Me? I don’t know who I am. I got this job, well actually I was assigned it. By the President. He told me I was to send a letter to him every month to tell him what was going on round there.

I was yanked out this by Summer saying. “Stop.” I looked up and saw I had driven into an empty warehouse. “Whoops, I’ll turn around.” I said. Summer screamed. “NO!” I was startled.
“What do you mean no?” Summer got out and said. “We need to be here.” I stepped out, knife at the ready.

I walk to Summer and suddenly I see black.

Tune in next time to see what happens to The Unnamed Dectective and Summer Breeze.

3 thoughts on “The unnamed detective

  1. Awesome story i love it=^).


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