I know I haven’t written on here for a while. But hey! Now I am so first an update with me.

My Aunt got married so now she is Mrs. Worent. Then on the 17th of March, me, my mom, and two friends of mine, named Lisa and Aden, went to a Mennonite Relief Sale. It was fun.

On the 24th was my 14th birthday, when me and my friends performed a play called Jarah’s Journey. It was really good, but the ending was only meh.

On April 1st me and my family celebrated Funny Hat Day. You see we don’t celebrate April Fools Day. Before our Aunt got married we would do this with her. But since she was married Mom decided to do it. And it was fun.

April 5th was Maunday Thursday, when Jesus had the last supper and was betrayed.
April 6th was Good Friday, and we went to a church service where Lisa at first didn’t recognize me in my black veil hood. Which was one of the goals I had in mind.

April 8th was Easter and it was great! Mandy, Katie, and my Uncle Johnathan came for Easter.

April 13th Was my little sister’s Birthday and my Mom’s Birthday Party. And was when I got to pull my long awaited prank of smashing a whipped cream pie in Aden’s face and he returned the favor with a second pie I made just for that purpose. Which later he said he enjoyed it very much.

April 14th Was my Mom’s birthday and my little sister’s Pretty Pink Princess Birthday Party

April 15 I hung out with Aden and we took a walk, then watched Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog, and most of Rango.

Then skipping a few days ahead is April 18th the day we are now on. I am awaiting this Friday because me and my friend Aden are going out for supper at a place called Oliver’s, then it’s to Leaves n’ Beans for Coffee and a bagel. And then to Emack’s and Bolio’s for ice cream, and then we’re going back to his home to watch I Love Lucy.

So there you have it the past month and most of this month including this weekend. That’s what happened.

I hope I will write more often.

Arianna Ben-Ezra

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