The unnamed detective part 3

Jack and Summer were surprised with the amount of people that came, but they just barely managed to get everyone a warm bed, and food. They also had a microphone for Miss. Spring.

She stepped up started to read. “Spring. Spring is the season of life. After the sleepiness of winter, spring comes out for a change. The white, cold, fluffy snow melts slowly away from the warm sun, the animals whom have been hibernating come out in the beauty of spring, the bright green grass grows back in numerous numbers. The sky is no longer gray from the clouds of winter, but now bright white clouds cover the bright blue sky like polka dots!”
“The birds are a twittering, their music reaching the heavens. The flowers spring up from the ground and go into bloom. The wind is quietly whispering, ‘Run my child, enjoy thy self.’ The creeks are running, I hear their sound. The lakes are no long ice but now warm sparkling lakes.
The children run out of the house in joy, for winter is now over.”
“The mother nurses her newborn, while her husband farms in the cool air. Friends greet each other with the phrase. ‘He is risen!’ and ‘He is risen indeed.’ And Easter is eagerly awaited for.”

Spring stepped down and handed the microphone back. I stared at her in unbelief. She was unbelievable. She was wonderful. She had so much color in her. Just how she read the book made me picture in my mind. I could see it. Birds flying back and forth like she said.

My eyes teared up. How I longed for clear skies…for her…wait what!? I didn’t say any of that. No way. I am sad and depressed….I got up and left. I got into my car. And drove off. “I like your car.” A voice said so sudden that the car veered. “GOOD GRACIOUS! Don’t do that!” I yelled. I looked and there was Spring.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot you didn’t notice me here. Funny, someone like you being so observant but you don’t notice someone in your car.” She giggled. I smiled. “What do you need?” “I need someone to take me home.” Spring said. “Jack said you would.” “He what!?” “He didn’t tell you? Must have slipped his mind.”

“Where’s your home?” “Oh over by the river.” “The River!? You certainly cannot be living there!”
The River, is a dangerous place to live by. With all the rain The River has become a raging monster. Constantly devouring homes, and lives. “You can’t live there!” “But I do.” “What if you moved? Like to the warehouse.” Spring’s ever joyful face fell. “I can’t, my father’s very ill. If I move him, he may die. I don’t have any medicine for him. It’s all too expensive. I don’t have a job. No one will give me one.”

I thought. I may some money to spare. I’ll try and give her a hand. “Hey, I have some money, I’ll give you what I can.” Spring lightened up. “You will!? Oh thank you, thank you Kevin.” I dropped Spring off at her home. I looked up and saw something beautiful. A sunbeam. I stared at it, then a cloud started to cover it over. “No! Please stay here! I need you!” I cried out to the sunlight. But it left all the same. I dropped to my knees. “I can’t take it no more!” I cried. Tears streaming down my face. “Why? Why do we have to live in this cursed world? Where there is nothing but rain!” Then I had an idea. I ran home and opened my laptop. I checked the weather. Here it was stormy, stormy, stormy. But not in Maine. Sweet old Maine. I grabbed several bags. Packed clothes, food, and some money. I grabbed two other bags and ran to my car.

I filled it up with gasoline, and hurried to Spring’s house. “Spring! Spring!” I cried. Spring opened the door tears in her eyes. “My father, he’s dead.” Spring said. I was speechless.Spring grabbed me and started to cry. “I can’t take it anymore! I cheer myself up with tales of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, I think about lost joys that I say, ‘They’ll come back.’ But every day I can’t see it! It’s not coming. It’s just rain.” I held up Spring and said. “After we bury your dad. Let’s find it. Let’s Colors, Seasons and other joys.”

And so we buried her father. Spring quickly packed her things, including Colors, Seasons and other joys.
She got in and we drove away. Days later, we drive into a small beautiful town, the sun was shining, the birds a twittering. There was green grass, it was Summer. We get out at the town park, green hills cover the landscape. Children are running back and forth squealing with laughter. Spring and I look up to the sky, it was blue, with white clouds.

We hurry into the town and see stores filled to brim with things like, apples, milk, honey, cake. There were colors everywhere! Little girls wearing pink, young women wearing bright red.

And laughter was everywhere. Everyone stopped to greet a friend. “Where are we?” Spring said. “I don’t know. But I think this is heaven.” I took her hand and we walked down the town street. I took off my fedora and threw it away. “My name is Kevin, and I belong here.” And we left behind the colorless world of pain.

The End.


The unnamed detective part 2

There was a kid running in a field. Running from what? I couldn’t see. He had brown hair that went to the nape of his neck. Panic was written across his face, then someone grabbed him.

I awoke after being hit on the head. I looked up and saw Summer, in a long bright yellow dress. Beside her was a young man who looked very similar to me.

Brown hair, dark brown eyes, and tanish skin. He had big black glasses, my eyes were bare, and I wore a fedora, his head was bare, my eyes were serious, while his eyes carried a light cheerful humorous spirit.

I also found that I was sitting in a folding chair with a singular light focused on me. “Well, it’s been a while.” Said my doppelganger. I raised an eyebrow and glared at him observing him intently. He showed no sign of wanting to hurt me ,or anybody in fact, he looked…happy.

Happy was something I never heard of. My world was dark, rainy and gray. But while I was just staring at him I could tell what his world was. It was sunny without a cloud in the sky. Then I noticed my doppelganger was smiling. I never smiled. Never really saw anyone smile. I tried to smile back.

“No, no.” He said. “It’s like this.” He grinned widely. “Never mind that. What on earth am I doing here?” I demanded. “Well, Mr. No-name. Summer brought you here.” “I know that, stop playing stupid kid, spill the beans.” “You are here to remember.” “Remember what!?” I cried leaning forward. “Stop!” Summer cried. I fell flat on my face. I noticed I was tied up.

“Let me help you. My name’s Jack. This here is Summer my fiance.” Jack said helping me up.
“Ya see, the American Government is slowly getting corrupted by evil ambitious men. They started something when they take a kid and train him in a specific field then when he’s an adult they wipe his memory of everything! EVERYTHING but, that they work for government and their training. And the president supposedly tells them to write a letter of everything that is happen’n round there. They’re spies. They don’t know it. But they’re spies. Things have gotten worse, since like the last 10 years or so. Relations with Russia isn’t good. People are starting to get worried ’bout World War III again.”

“And what’s this got to do with me?” I said. “You’re one of them.” Summer replies. “Ya see, that shot back at your business-” “Was a warning shot. Now I have a question, whom was that for?” “Us.” Jack said. “Us?” I reply. “Yep, you see there is a revolution going on. The government is now fully corrupted. And we are taking action.” “Ya see this blasted rain?” Summer said. I nod. “It’s been here for five years in an attempt to flood us out. The government clogged the drains so that the city’d get flooded. But no sirree. The revolution unclogged them and is making sure that folks have a place to stay since some places do get flooded.”

“So, you’re saying that I am an involuntary spy for a corrupted government, and you are telling me all you’re secret plans?” I said. Jack left the room, then he came back with a device, it looked one of those big hair dryers you’d see in a salon. He put it on my head and switched it on.

Fireworks went off in my head and I saw many colors that I had never dreamed could exist. You see all my life, I’ve seen rain and gray. Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall are all fairy tales. You don’t hear a mother tucking her kid into bed with tales of knights and princesses no more. Now you hear the child beg for more on what Spring looks like, and colors like sky blue or bright white white fluffy clouds. The world has become black and gray like an old television series. But with rain all the time. Food’s terrible, can’t tell what it is. Things like candy, or ice cream, cake, juice, milk, clear water, or bread, are all tales just like the seasons.

When the fireworks had done their thing Jack switched it off. “What was that!?” I naturally demanded. “It was take out the spy willfulness in you.” Jack untied me. “Well would you like to stay? We’ve got warm food, blankets.” “No thank you.” I say. I walk out the room and head down the stairs to my car. Luckily it was still where it was when I was hit on the head.

I got in and drove off. Jack and Summer stared after me sadly. I drove into downtown, and looked around. There was a man sitting on the sidewalk, cold and hungry I bet. But he knew who he was, he had a name, and a family. I had none.

I parked my car and got out. I plunked a coin into the parking meter, having all sense purpose gone. Even before I met Jack and Summer, my life had bland and gray.

I walked down the street, hands in pockets. I bumped into someone. I looked up and said. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.” I saw I had bumped into a young lady about my age which is 20. Her hair was a dark green, she had olive skin, and she wore a green dress that had buttons from top to bottom, the dress went down to her knees, and her sleeves went to her wrists. On the hem of the dress there was a little bit of lace. As well at the wrists. “Oh no, I wasn’t looking where I was going. So pardon me.” She said with a voice like milk running down silk. I was speechless. Never in my life, of which I could remember, did I see anything, or anyone, so beautiful in this world of black and gray.

I looked down and saw that she had dropped a book. I leaned down and picked it. “Oh, thank you so much.” She said as I handed it to her. I looked at the cover, it looked worn. The title was Colors, Seasons, and other joys. “What’s that?” I asked. “Oh, it’s a book that my mother wrote when she was young. It’s a lovely book really. It talks about colors, like green, I love and adore green which is why I wear it. In the book it says. “Green is the color of life. Trees, and plants which both grow and are alive and are green. Green is also the color of Hope, when all is lost, and when all seems to be dark and rainy take care and look for the color of green! For green is the color of hope.” While she was reciting this people started to gather around her and listen.

A little kid came up and said “Would you please read more?” That’s when my heart opened. I realized how much everyone else was hurting but I didn’t care a bit about what they felt. I was only caring about me, myself. I looked and said. “Hey, I know a place that has warm meals and beds. If you all go there and if Ms. Green would like to go to she could continue reading to you.

Everyone agreed and headed to the warehouse that I mentioned. “What is your name?” I asked the woman in green. She looked at me innocently. “My name is Spring, Spring Flower. What’s yours?” “I don’t have one.” I mumbled. “What’s that?” “I don’t have one.” I said a little louder.
Spring laughed a sweet laugh. It was like…like…Her laugh was so beautiful I cannot describe it.

“Here, let me give you a name. How about, Kevin. It means kind.” Spring said. Then she skipped forward to the head of the crowd. I stopped. A name, she gave me one. I smiled, a true smile.
And for a moment I saw the sky clear and white clouds, a blue sky, and most of all colors.

Tune in next time for more of what happens to the now named detective, Kevin, when he goes to hear Spring read from Colors, Seasons, and other joys.

The unnamed detective

It was a rainy night when she came in, looking like summer with the sun brightly shining and a whisper of wind in the air. Her hair was golden and her skin was pale. I didn’t know whether it was from her being scared or if it was her skin tone.

“What do you need miss?” I said sitting up. She sat down in the chair across from me with oh so much grace. “Well,” She said with a southern accent. “I don’t have any case but, my car broke down and I was a hoping you could help me out.” Well this was certainly startling. “Sure, I’ll help you.” She led me out into the rain, she showed me the wreck of her car. It was certainly a mess.

But my sixth sense was tingling. Something was wrong. Suddenly I grabbed the poor girl and pulled to the ground just a bullet went over our heads. In a second I pulled out my own revolver and cocked it. “Who ever is shooting, come out with your hands up.” In my head I kicked my self for what a lame line that was.

No answer. The streets suddenly all became dangerous again. Again you ask? Usually those bullets aren’t meant to hit you but to warn you. So the question was, who were they warning? Me? Or the girl?

I take the girl and hurry into my car. “Why can’t we go back to your business room?” She asked.
“If we do that then we’ll be surrounded and there will be no way out.

I drive while the girl wrings her hands. “What’s your name?” I ask. “Summer, Summer Breeze.”
I chuckle a little when she says her name. “What’s yours?” She said. That’s when I get lost.

My name? My family? My childhood? The information that she asks for is hidden from me. While other’s have a name, family, and a childhood. And when they’re adults they remember that all. Me? I don’t know who I am. I got this job, well actually I was assigned it. By the President. He told me I was to send a letter to him every month to tell him what was going on round there.

I was yanked out this by Summer saying. “Stop.” I looked up and saw I had driven into an empty warehouse. “Whoops, I’ll turn around.” I said. Summer screamed. “NO!” I was startled.
“What do you mean no?” Summer got out and said. “We need to be here.” I stepped out, knife at the ready.

I walk to Summer and suddenly I see black.

Tune in next time to see what happens to The Unnamed Dectective and Summer Breeze.


I know I haven’t written on here for a while. But hey! Now I am so first an update with me.

My Aunt got married so now she is Mrs. Worent. Then on the 17th of March, me, my mom, and two friends of mine, named Lisa and Aden, went to a Mennonite Relief Sale. It was fun.

On the 24th was my 14th birthday, when me and my friends performed a play called Jarah’s Journey. It was really good, but the ending was only meh.

On April 1st me and my family celebrated Funny Hat Day. You see we don’t celebrate April Fools Day. Before our Aunt got married we would do this with her. But since she was married Mom decided to do it. And it was fun.

April 5th was Maunday Thursday, when Jesus had the last supper and was betrayed.
April 6th was Good Friday, and we went to a church service where Lisa at first didn’t recognize me in my black veil hood. Which was one of the goals I had in mind.

April 8th was Easter and it was great! Mandy, Katie, and my Uncle Johnathan came for Easter.

April 13th Was my little sister’s Birthday and my Mom’s Birthday Party. And was when I got to pull my long awaited prank of smashing a whipped cream pie in Aden’s face and he returned the favor with a second pie I made just for that purpose. Which later he said he enjoyed it very much.

April 14th Was my Mom’s birthday and my little sister’s Pretty Pink Princess Birthday Party

April 15 I hung out with Aden and we took a walk, then watched Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog, and most of Rango.

Then skipping a few days ahead is April 18th the day we are now on. I am awaiting this Friday because me and my friend Aden are going out for supper at a place called Oliver’s, then it’s to Leaves n’ Beans for Coffee and a bagel. And then to Emack’s and Bolio’s for ice cream, and then we’re going back to his home to watch I Love Lucy.

So there you have it the past month and most of this month including this weekend. That’s what happened.

I hope I will write more often.

Arianna Ben-Ezra