My Aunt’s Wedding

My Aunt is getting married in 11 days! Pretty much the whole family is coming out to Peoria for the wedding. Which is totally awesome. I get to show my cousins my adventuring group. ( And for some of my cousins and family. I get to introduce to them a friend that they have never met, Aden Clearwater, and his mother Lisa Clearwater. They are two of my newest friends I have made.

And in 11 days I get to have a really cool awesome Uncle! His name is Jonathan……I will have two Uncle Jonathans! Hehe! What we will call them I have no idea! 😀

The Golden Palace

Part 1

I awake to see the crimson sky, I look out the window and see the pavement pass by. I wonder why I choose this road.

All I see at the end of this road is a jet black mass of clouds. I wish I could turn from this road.

I have heard of a road where the sky is always sapphire, the clouds in the sky are a mix between a creamy white and cotton pink. At the end there is a golden palace that many people gather and music spills out of the palace doors.

But at the end of my road I see a jet black mass of clouds. I do not know what is at the end of this road. Sometimes I wish I could turn aside from here. The other road I wish I took.

Some say that I can turn back. But I cannot turn back, I have choosen this road and this is the road I am cursed with for the rest of my life.

Part 2

As I drive on my cursed road, I see a man driving on the road that I wished I took and I envied whoever drove on it. The man stopped and got out. He passed over and waved for me to stop.

“Why do you take this road?” He asked.

“I take this road because I choose it from the beginning and I cannot change my road. I envy the road you take. With the Golden palace and the music spilling out of the doors. I awake every morning and hear the music and I cry, I wish so ever so much to change my road.” I replied.

“But you can.” Said he. “The king of the golden palace has been talking of you for a long time. He wants you to come to his palace.”

I shook my head and said. “No. I choose this road I cannot take back my choice.” I drove on. Envying all who traveled that road.

What did I have? I had myself and those clouds that were ahead. This road I traveled alone. While on the other road many laughed, played, talked, and traveled together.

Part 3

The jet black clouds grew and grew. The sun turned bloody red. But still I passed on. Blood started to seep down my hands and made my hands slip on the wheel.
I stopped the car again and looked over. I heard the music. I heard the laughter and joy from the palace. I coveted the people on that side of the road.

If only someone told me about it before I choose this road. Then maybe I could be on that side heading to the palace where music poured over you.

Soon was in front of the clouds. The dark clouds. I got out of the car. I walked up and took one last at the golden palace. I wept, then I said to myself.

“You choose this road. You went all the way through, why isn’t there a way out?” For a moment I heard someone small and tiny say. “But there is you just denied it your whole life. You have a choice now. Hurry go and see the golden palace, hear the music wash over you. Eat glorious foods!”

I shut the voice out. I took a deep breath and stepped through. I never went to the golden palace. Never again did I hear the music from the palace. Never again did I hear the children play and laugh. Never again….did I see happiness and joy. My road has ended.

And now you young ones. When you hear the music and see the golden palace. DO NOT hesitate, but hurry and run over. Do not meet the end of your road here.

Go to the golden palace. I wish I took that road when it was offered to me.