The Adventures of I and Buster: The Doughnut disaster

I was walking out of a doughnut shop. It was a rainy day. “Who cares if it’s raining? As long as I have my doughnuts then I don’t care what weather it is.” I said standing on the corner.

Then a car drove by and splashed water at me. My doughnuts and I were soaked.
I ran back into the doughnut store to get a refund and bought a new box of doughnuts.
“I will protect them.” I said proudly to myself. I hurried to my car and started it up.
I headed to my home. I was driving down the street when I heard a police car siren going off right behind me. I pulled over. The policeman came to the window and said. “You have been illegally transporting doughnuts in your car.” He said. “What?! I bought these from Yummy yummy doughnut shop!” I replied. “Yes but you have to transport them in a specific way.” He walked to the passenger door I opened it. The policeman buckled the doughnut box in and said. “There! That’s how you legally transport doughnuts.”
“Okay you have been given a warning. If I catch you illegally transporting doughnuts then you will get a ticket.” The policeman said. “Yes sir.” I said.
I got home and sat at my table. “Buster! Come here it’s time for doughnuts!” Buster ran into the room. I gave a doughnut to him. “Hey Buster want to go outside?” I said to him. Buster ran upstairs and barked. I ran upstairs. I was confused the room was empty but Buster kept barking.
“Okay, okay, I’ll go and look.” I said stepping into the room. Next thing I knew Buster pulled the door shut and locked the door. “Buster! Buster! Why’d you do that!?” I banged on the door.
I sat in the room for a hour. Then Buster opened the door. “BUSTER YOU LITTLE-” I shouted.
Buster slammed the door again. I waited for five minutes. Buster opened the door again. “YOU LITTLE-” Buster slammed door on my nose. “Ow, ow ,ow ,ow ,ow!” I rubbed my nose.
Five minutes later. I said. “Hi Buster! How are you?” I smiled. Buster barked and slammed the door. I put my foot in the way of the door. “YOU ARE THROUGH BUSTER!!! THROUGH!!!” I chased him downstairs.
I saw my doughnut box, it was empty! “YOU ATE ALL MY DOUGHNUTS!????” I yelled. Buster barked. I took Buster outside. And I got my phone and ordered a box of doughnuts. In half an hour I got my doughnuts again. “Ahh my doughnuts.” I said. I sat down at my table.
Buster ran into the room. “How did you get in here?” I said with my mouth full. Buster barked. He ran upstairs and barked. “Oh no you don’t! I’m not falling for that again.” Then I felt a gun at my head. “Step away from the doughnuts.” I dropped my doughnut I looked up and saw a masked guy. Soon a whole group of people busted in. “Who are you?” I said. “We are the Doughnut thieves! Give us all your doughnuts and no one gets hurt!” I handed them my doughnuts and just like that they were gone.
I sighed. “I give up. I won’t order any doughnuts today.” So I ordered pizza instead.

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