The Adventures of I and Buster

I was walking down the street with my dog we passed by the pet store. Why my dog did this? I don’t know, but he ran right up to the window and pressed his nose against it. My dog is a big dog. So he pulled me along and I smacked right into the window. “Ouch!” I said. “Buster what was that for!?” Buster, my dog, was staring at this rainbow colored poodle. “Woof, woof!” Buster barked. I was rubbing my head at the time so I didn’t see the poodle.

Then the door opened and the poodle and her mistress were walking out the door and down the street. “Come on Buster it’s time to go home.” I said turning around and I started to walk the other way. SMACK!!!! I landed on the sidewalk; Buster refused to move.
“BUSTER!!!! WE ARE GOING HOME RIGHT NOW!!!! SO COME ON!” I ran forward again and landed on my head.
Buster turned and ran down the street dragging me. The rainbow poodle and her mistress stopped walking and turned around. I looked up and saw their scared faces. They both bolted down the street. This street was a steep hill, so while Buster was chasing the rainbow poodle I was flying in the air. “BUSTER!!!! STOP RIGHT NOW OR-” I didn’t get to complete my sentence because I smacked into a stop sign, how ironic.
I slid down the sign, everything was blurry. “Want some coffee m’lady.” I said rocking back and forth to Buster. “Woof, woof, woof.” Buster barked. I shook my head and saw the rainbow poodle and her mistress run across the street. It was a busy intersection.
“Oh no you don’t!” I said to Buster. I started to walk in the direction of home when Buster ran across the street I flew along behind him. I heard cars screech to stops. I smacked onto a windshield. The family inside screamed and they turned on the window whippers. “HELP!!!!!” I screamed. Finally Buster ran off again and I, thankfully, was peeled off the windshield. Buster ran and ran till he got to the docks.
The poodle and her mistress stopped at the end of a dock. Buster tried to stop but he was going so fast that he couldn’t stop in time. The poodle, the mistress, and Buster fell into the water.
Me? What about me? Well a small sail boat came by and when Buster fell in I flew in the air and landed on the ship with a WHAM!!!
So that’s how I ended up at the hospital. Is because of my dog Buster. Moral of the story.
Don’t go to the pet store when a rainbow colored poodle is there.

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