The Christmas Village

Every year round Christmas a certain family sets up a glass village. With houses, people, and cars.
But little do this family know, that every night at the stroke of midnight the village becomes alive.
And it is a beautiful sight.
Our story starts with a young girl in this village. Her name was Christina. Now one night on Tuesday, November 29th at midnight. She got up from her glass floor and finished decorating the tree with her little brother.
“Christina. When are we going to see grandma?” Christina’s little brother asked. “Soon, soon Robin.” She said. The door opened and Christina’s father came in and said. “Come on you two! You shouldn’t be inside in this weather! Come out and play!” Christina and Robin hurried outside and ran to their friends house.
“Come on Anne! It’s time to go ice skating!” Christina shouted to a girl who was on a balcony of her house. Anne rushed into her room, and five minutes later she opened the front door.
Anne had brown hair and rosy cheeks. (As did many of the people in the village) “Let’s go!” Anne said.
Robin hurried over to Christina, Anne , their father. Robin was followed by his best friend Jay, Jay’s older brother Christopher. “Well are we ready?” Asked Christina’s father.
Soon they were all sledding, ice skating, building snowmen, and throwing snowballs at each other.
Christina was ice skating and talking to Christopher. “Have you ever been anywhere but the village?” She asked. Christopher shook his head. “It’s much too dangerous. My grandfather did it. And he barely came back alive.” “I have heard that he went on top of a Christmas tree. And it was HUGE!!!” Christopher nodded. “I’ll tell you when we get to your home for cocoa.”
When they all went Christina’s home for cocoa and Christopher told them all a tale of his grandfather. “It was when my Grandfather was my age. He and everyone else was working like mad for Christmas Dinner. He was sent to go and get some firewood for the fire. He went outside to get the wood but he bumped the whole pile by accident. And the pile of wood pushed him off the edge of the village, he landed on something that wasn’t hard but it was kind of prickly.
He looked up and saw that he was on a huge tree. And the only way he could get back home was to climb the tree till he got the same height as the village. So up he climbed. he passed ornaments and they whispered to each other. But he didn’t care all that mattered was to get home.
So up and up he climbed. Soon he got to where he could jump off the tree and it would get him home. He ran and jumped off the tree and landed in the village. Then he rushed off and told his family. The End.”
“That’s the whole story?” Robin said. “Yep. I think that there is more to the story but he doesn’t want to tell me…..”
The End for now

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