Teddy bears and Prayer

What is it with teddy bears? Why do we love them so? Is it because they are so fuzzy? So cuddly? So understanding? So listening? I have a teddy bear named Phoebe and she is the most lovely bear ever. (in my eyes) And I love talking with her. I know it’s ridiculous that I talk to a teddy bear when I’m thirteen, but it’s nice to talk to her, and God. I find that I’ve been talking to God a lot.

Not like: “Dear holy, Sovereign God, I ask that you…” Now I’m not saying that way of praying is wrong it’s just not the way I talk to him I talk to him as if I were sitting right there in front of him. Which I am because God is everywhere right?
So back to teddy bears, Why do we connect with them? Why are they so comforting?
Can anyone give me an answer? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Teddy bears and Prayer

  1. Me too, I have a teddy bear.
    ~Willa 🙂


  2. Elsie says:

    teddy bears are nice. and prayer thing, it is fine. i do it sometimes too. =)



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