Don’t you wish

Don’t you wish to fly? Maybe just float into the sky?
Sometimes I do.

Don’t you wish to breath underwater? Maybe swim like an otter, for hours and hours?
Sometimes I do.

Don’t you wish to be famous?
Maybe be called “The awesome Samous?”
Sometimes I do.

Don’t you wish to have a normal life. Maybe have a wife.
I already have it.

The Ice Cream Shop

A Ice cream shop is a delightful place to be.
Because there are so many flavors to see.
So many they make your mind boggle,
so delicious they make your mind foggle.

Should I take the Ice freeze?
Or maybe the Blue Breeze?
Should I try the Mcfunkin?
Or perhaps some pumpkin?
Maybe a Blue Wave?
But what about the Chocolate Brave?

You see a Ice cream shop is a delightful place.
And I think I’ll try the Banana Mace

In the winter

In the winter the cold barks,
in the winter the cold nips.
“When you come in do you want a bag of chips?”
“Of course I don’t because I simply just won’t accept something too neutral.”
“Well how about a bowl of cream?”
“Now really, I must scream why would I want a bowl of cream
in the middle of winter when the temperatures are so low?”
“Well then what about a book and a mug of chocolate?”
“Oh yes when I heard that word I lit to the kitchen and piled whipped cream on,
then some sprinkles, and hot fudge. And now I’ll sit here and not budge till I’m through with this mug.